Tuesday , January 31 2023

Marcelo Catrillanca opens a dialogue with Carabineros National



More than a month since the murder of Camilo Catrillanca, A Mapuche comunero shot by Carabineros in Ercilla on November 14th.

His death led to a serious crisis within the organization, President Sebastian Piñera asked Hermes Soto's resignation, general manager and retired 10 generals.

The new high-level team, Mario Rozas, admitted this Saturday there is no problem in asking forgiveness for the deceased's family.

According to him, the victim's father Marcelo Catrillanca also received a positive response Yes, he is ready to meet with the General Director.

Transforming with DNA alone, the man's "As a family we still do not talk about a situation, but we thank you for the gesture. Carabineros has the ability to rebuild and wants to change the new general terms. "

When it comes to the conditions they want to clash, Catrillanca says, "Carabineros is still in Liceo de Pailahueque, where the Jungle Command stays out of the exit. We do not want you to withdraw from the front, we can not build a dialogue with the gun at the table""

At that point, the younger brother's "we have to make a gesture to make a difference. These two years have been delayed for three years, we want the Carabineros to stop existing at Pailahueque because we are looking for young people who can study at this university. "

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