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Minsa used 99% of the vaccines he received in 2018


In 2018, 99% of the vaccine purchased by the Ministry of Health for influenza was used for a new record for local prophylactic medicine.

According to Minsa statistics, 1,500,000 vaccines from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) were administered to 1,591,469 doses. Health Director Miguel Mayo announced that the number of vaccines increased as a single dose reached two immunized children under three years of age.

Statistics also indicate that there will be approximately 6702 doses representing 1% of the doses obtained. The total amount of vaccines that have not been applied will be $ 37,531, which will be completed by December 31, 2017.

The minister applies to and applies to various health centers or hospitals by applying a dose-free population.

Unlike previous cases, recurring vaccines were obtained this year; that is, they fight against two influenza viruses, and they fight against two B viruses (circulating strains in Panama).

Each dose is a $ 5.60-worth investment of $ 8.4 million for the state, but citizens apply for free at both health centers and outpatient clinics and hospitals. From the Social Security Fund or the Ministry of Health.

For Minister Mayo, the record statistics of this year show that a citizen is aware of the recommended vaccines.


In 2017, two million doses of seasonal flu were purchased at $ 10.9 million, only 1.3 million could be used, and 700,000 vaccines were missing. It damaged nearly $ 2.4 million for the state.

Despite the loss, 60% of the population was vaccinated in 2017 thanks to the vaccine's fixed days.

In 2016, the Ministry of Health has purchased three million doses, of which 2.500 were vaccinated.

Unused applicants were damaged by $ 1.5 million. According to Minsa, 63% of the population was able to inject a record number of people in that country.

In 2015, one million vaccine has been achieved. Only 600,000 doses were used in this figure and 400,000 were discarded, representing a loss of $ 1.4 million.


Influenza is an acute respiratory disease caused by a virus transmitted from person to person via salivary salts spread throughout coughing or sneezing.

Your symptoms and symptoms may be felt within three to seven days. It can include fever, cough, throat and nasal nose.

Infected children can be nausea and even vomiting.

Experts often use hand wash and mouth when coughing. When people are not treated in time, they may cause complications such as pneumonia, bronchopneumonia or bronchitis, sinusitis and otitis media.

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