Tuesday , January 31 2023

Minsal has identified more than 3,500 new HIV cases


An intense campaign is being carried out by the Ministry of Health after the increase in HIV infection in the country.

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In an interview Diario de Cooperativa, Health Advisor Paula Daza, he said more than 3,500 infected people have been identified by September this yearA bigger cup of registration than before.

With different strategies, Minsal attempts to identify people who are unaware of their condition and who are infected with the purpose of spreading viruses.

La Tercera said that new cases increased by 96% between 2010 and 2017, from 2.968 to 5.816.

According to the Undersecretary of Health, the main purpose of campaigns is for young people who are vulnerable to HIV / AIDS. For this purpose, the authorities have signed an agreement 18 state universities, they will be able to promote information on prevention, promotion and rapid test entry.

"We are going to different places with a huge stream of public, where young people can do, It is also important that they have a safe sexuality as well as using a fast test"Radios told the Cooperative.

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Mobile unit in Santiago

Due to the collapse of the Group's Western Metropolitan Health Service and the National Youth Institute (Injuv) on Friday, December 21, National Campaign to Prevent HIV / AIDS.

With a mobile unit, healthcare workers will visit various parts of Santiago, Tests for HIV frequently performed 15 minutes if a person is a carrier of the disease.

Taking this into account, Paula Daza stressed that 95 percent of care facilities they have quick testsand "One hundred percent free""

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