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Most Argentinian doctors drink wine "


Four Argentinian doctors advised to abuse alcohol, and one study at a congressional and cardiologist, Ricardo Lopez Santi, showed that there was no consensus among consumers on alcohol consumption.

A Mediterranean doctor, 745 Argentinian doctors, conducted 671 cardiologists, 18 specialists in internal medicine, 17 general practitioners and other 36 specialties, and presented at the World Heart Cardiac Congress held in Dubai this month by the FAC of the Argentine Federation and the Canadian Queen's Research Ethics Council Approved.

The results are prepared in advance, as they will be complemented by information provided by Canadian and Uruguay experts who are interviewed for their effects on cardiovascular health.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the recommended daily exercise known as the UBE (Standard Drinking Unit) is about 10 grams of alcohol, 100 milliliters of wine, 250 cups or 30 milliliters of whiskey.

Additionally, the measures differ according to sex: due to differences in metabolism, two UBEs are recommended daily for men and one woman.

Regarding the perception of moderate alcohol use, 71% of doctors in the country report that half of this (36%) effect has occurred, but considers that moderate consumption is "beneficial for cardiovascular health" with red wine. "

At the same time, 24% (179/737) believe that "any use is harmful" and the remaining 5% (37/737) have other ideas.

As a result of the research, three out of four doctors recommended that patients be modest, and the other one is exactly the opposite.

"According to the World Health Organization, excessive consumption of alcohol leads to a health risk, because it appears to be the cause of more than 200 million cases a year. Tel López Santi.

Meanwhile, moderate and moderate consumption is not "reported as a threat to health" and is linked to "prevention of chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer" in special wine conditions.

"There is a double appearance: excessive consumption on the one hand can damage several organs, including heart, causes dilation and heart failure, moderate consumption, especially red wine, is evidence of a small number of people fighting coronary artery disease "he said.

And he continued: "Especially after the 1990s, French diet was explained by the fact that the fat content of the coronary heart disease was lower, in contrast to expectations."

"It is known as the" French paradox "and is associated with moderate and regular use of wine, so five times a week drinking 200 cubic centimeters of wine can be an appropriate dose for men," she said.

Lopez Santi, who spoke about the differences in the recommendations of the doctors, commented on a co-ordinating investigation near Canadian Adrian Barançuk, "looking for answers."

More than 80% of the surveyed doctors said they were not satisfied with their international customer rules and said that these measures were mixed, and four of them did not recognize them directly.


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