Monday , February 6 2023

National Account Request: "I'll search for a way to learn" after receiving awards – National


National Statement of Applications after the announcement:

From Vicente Agüero Curico, her mother is unemployed and believes she can not study in Santiago, because she does not have money. Tvn


Vicente Aguero, native Curicó, one 209 national points They were informed about the academic achievements of the PSU in 2018, but their state was declared open after threatening educational opportunities, without endangering their learning.

In his interview with 18-year-old Emol, he says he thinks he misses a math test, but he's glad he called for 100% effectiveness.

However, the happiness of Vicente was slightly affected after being informed on the same day and did not receive awards or state rewards.

She was sure "There was a discrepancy with the information we provided", so the Ministry of Education did not accept your application.

The ongoing problem is that Aguero, without a benefit, would find it hard to find a way to enter industrial civil engineering at Catholic University, but it would have to make an unrecognizable transfer and expense, and that her mother was unemployed.

"We Need to Apply Now", the young man underlined that without this, "I will seek a way out of learning, but will be in debt".


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