Wednesday , February 8 2023

National Heritage Service employees demand open competition for MNBA's main task Arts and Culture


Through a public letter National Cooperation on National Heritage (Anfu Patrimonio), called the deputy director of the agency within the new assignment Responsible for the collections of the National Museum of Art.

"In addition to our sincere congratulations, our organization wants to make a justified statement & # 39; Short Competition & # 39; continues to be set for the moment Responsible for the collections of the National Museum of Art When a new director or director of the National Museum is named, a competition open to all our specialists continues, "the letter says.

"The National Museum of Art has suffered severe corporate crises as a result of a number of internal and external factors that its lack of resources for its proper functioning, as well as the inability of good governance by internal actors to survive,text.

They say that "it is even more problematic to manipulate, deprecate and administer some of the tools and procedures that are meant to help and protect the rights and work conditions of the people at the center and the employees involved in the responsibility". officials.

"Unfortunately, in the absence of a full-fledged general director, authorities and technical advisory authorities at the Museum of National Defense Art could not overcome the above-mentioned situation"the letter is punished.

For AnfuPatrimoniosolved "It does not provide an abbreviated competition, lack, equality and objectivity, which is one of its features and its context".

"The competition is limited to only three people with a predetermined number of people and will not be an elected or selected specialist", find the description.

Here you can read full missionThe Minister of Culture, Art and the Minister of Marriage; Undersecretary of Inheritance, National Director of State Service, Deputy Director for Personal Management and Development and Head of Personnel Management and Development Department of National Cultural Heritage Service.

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