Wednesday , February 8 2023

Nevada does not license John Jones after a new positive doping, the UFC holds the UFC 232 from Los Angeles in Los Angeles Undisputed


Without punishment by USADA, John Jones's new positive doping has led the UFC 232 to move from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in the Arena, called the Forum.

The Nevada Athletics Commission did not want to issue a John Jones license to its opponent, as the UFC decided to launch a full-time Los Angeles card, where the California Commission will issue a license to fight with Jones to face Alexander Gustafsson. perfect fight.

On December 9, UFC was informed by John Jones of a new positive doping test. Here, according to USADA and UFC, both species have "minimal" and some types of oral turinabol have been described only in pictograms.

A picogram is below the nanoparticles and is the 12th place after a decimal point, that is, just like the first doping of Jones in a few kilograms .000000001 grams in the Olympic pool.

Nate Schmidt of the Golden Horses in Las Vegas has tested positive for the same item as a picogram, and was aborted by the NHL at the beginning of the season for 20 games.

Tom Loulor said today in networks that ended his career at UFC, that he had 17 picograms of Ostarina, his postponement and refusal from the UFC after his termination.

USADA tested John Jones's latest fight with Daniel Cormier in 2017, and that the substance suspended for a period of 15 months was not a new one, but a positive balance. There is no new penalty.

But USADA admitted that during the original positive and new positive period, no substance detected in 7 doping tests.

According to Jeff Novitzy, Vice President of Health and Performance Management at UFC, the amount found in doping was only a picogram and that there were other sports, such as Jones. negative and one more positive.

Novitsky said that in September-November, Jones had four speakers until 9 December.

Nevertheless, the Nevada Athletic Commission did not want to give John Jones a war license for this fight and asked for it to appear in January. This Commission has permitted the withdrawal of a license requirement for a Can license application.

The California State Commission called for a quick doping test at Jones, which confirmed on Saturday, and transferred the UFC to Los Angeles.

California, Jones first tested positive and only a few days ago Jones wanted a second doping program and he was in a state of abandonment.

The Nevada Commission said in a statement:

"Today, the Nevada State Athletics Commission and Executive Director, Bob Bennett, has consulted with Commissioner Anthony Marnell III, claiming that John Jones will be able to withdraw his pending application to apply for a license, which will be able to deal with an event at the end of the month. After consulting with Jones's 18-month doping test and expanding within the USADA competition, Director Bennett, Commissioner Marnell and Mr Jones admit that they will be in a hearing in January. ""

In spite of everything, Dana White defended Sunday night at a small press conference at Las Vegas:

"I did not hear anything worse about John Jones on the way to the battlefield, and he was on the plane yesterday and immediately made a doping test, but it is not possible for Jones to plan a press for a two-month warning. That is, John Jones is pure, he thinks it's a fight, and I think he's doing something right. "

Daniel Cormier became apparent in UFC's full and semi-full champion networks, USADA, Jeff Novitzky, Andy Foster of the California Commission's "UN CHISTE" and Jones after 18 months in Turinabol steroidi in the Olympic pool.



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