Wednesday , February 8 2023

New acts of Dorothy Perez before the prosecutor's office would be again brought against Bermudes National


Actions taken before the Prosecutor's Office Dorothy Pérez they can still determine whether they are retired Jorge Bermúdez by allowing lawlessness mail violation eight officers.

The Society should investigate the administrative investigation, the disclosure and unlawful disclosure of confidential information, the registration and dissemination of correspondence directly affecting the authority of the Ministry.

Then above Summary by Bermudez and appointed Auditor General Eduardo Diaz, the Chief Auditor of the Republic, who ordered the opening of eight official letters, including Perez, Patricia Arriagada and Sonia Doren.

On October 30, the head of the observation department, Luís Lara, refused, saying that the auditor's key was unlawful; However, it was necessary for the client to decline his decision.

On November 26, at 03:00, Peres wrote that Bermudeza had been illegally taken.

At 5:00 that day, the controller denied the information president; Cezar Guerrero, the second in the treatment session; chief engineer and systems Ronald Perez.

According to Bermudez's Saturday magazine, the terms were convinced that the e-mail had nothing to do with the episode due to problems found in the system.

According to sources in consultation with Bio Bio, when the head of information technology was dismissed, no one was able to report in the Committee, and the company recruited to evaluate cyber attacks.

The monitoring body has reported that the above-mentioned facts have been reported in advance of the lie and computer audit that the Information Technology Department (DTI) did not meet the safety standards required by such an organization.

Taking into account the results of the audit report, the three admitted their bad performance and voluntarily resigned. Lara still underlined her legitimate strike, and her dismissal was not yet implemented.

The same sources have shown that since November 26 Lara has no access or access to the Consultation System.

Technically, it is not a short complaint filed by subcontractor in front of the North Central Prosecutor's Office on December 13, but the alleged offenses in this episode are brought to the attention of the Prosecutor's Office.

This Monday local prosecutor, Xabier Armendariz, will decide whether the former will be a member of the High Criminality Union, led by Public Prosecutor Ximena Chongun.

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