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New employment options launched by the PPPs at the conference


Delivery schedules have entered the national market, and now this trend has come to resettle at La Serena and Coquimbo. Uber Yats, PedidosYa was added in November, while Spanish Glovo announced the arrival of the conurbation for the month of January.

The innovation is not just because they do not want to eat at home, but have expanded their service to buy pharmacy, botanists and even supermarkets.

To do so, these companies have created a system to employ distributors that opens a new employment option for those who want to earn extra income in this area.

PedidosYa Chilean General Manager Juan Martín López states that in November, two new logistics services were launched in the city. "This is a pet shop and so on, which allows us to expand the catalog of our catalog, using products that you can use in the supermarket, botillary, pharmacy, gas pumps and other products," he says.

"Both driving licenses and daily driving licenses need to be followed, and after being selected, he is trained to meet the required standards," said Juan Martín López, CEO of PedidosYa Chile

According to figures provided by the company, there are 78 active motorcycists so far. Because they acted, they received 7,931 orders from both cities, which speaks of high demand. Most requested dishes are pizzas, sushi, sandwich and chicken. Summit times take place from 07:00 to 09:00. Saturday and Sunday are the most commonly used applications on Friday.

In the case of Glovo, Chile's country director, Willem Schol, says he will order a lot in the region. "You can order a shoe from a restaurant and have predefined categories such as restaurants, pharmacies, or markets, but you also have the option to send (courier) using the" no matter "button, if anything is missing, she would bring her a Glover, for example, I wanted to buy clothes hangers from a store without an online presence, "she says.

What to Do to Work as a DIRECTOR?

As Juan Martín López says, everyone can not be a PedidosY racer. "You need to have both driving licenses and daily driving licenses." After selecting, you will be trained in line with your wishes and traffic rules so that you can meet the standards required in your service. "

Willem Schol notes that all the information required by the applicants is available on the site, but in summary, everyone who wants to be Glover is the most important person on the site and submit daily presentations in all cities Attend the exercises. In addition, we have a very important legal filter that will check the diary of all the Glovers documents. Soon we'll start advertising that people can choose. "


This method of the APP has been quite successful in fulfilling its purpose, as it was in the past, as it did in the past, to those restaurants or merchandise, but anyone wanting to expand it.

In the case of PedidosYa, there are two methods. "Traditionally, we can have access to any of our own motorcyclist, with its own delivery system, through which our restaurants can work with customers' portfolios, in addition to technological communications between our local platform and our consumer," says Lopez. .

"Both driving licenses and daily driving licenses need to be followed, and after being selected, he is trained to meet the required standards," said Juan Martín López, CEO of PedidosYa Chile

When it comes to restaurants or chains that do not have self-sufficiency, the logistics service is offered. "By using this partnership, it is possible to get a gastronomic offer to a wider range of people, with APP offering restaurants' cuisine and the required dish. Depending on the system, our platform implies the order of the order, "he explains.

Studies show that the impact on sales of these formats in restaurants is important, and trade may grow between 20% and 30%. "While working with our platform, the restaurant can be accessed by a large number of regular users using the APP, but delivery through mobile applications is a measure," says the executive.

It also demands a less demanding consumer today, less waiting time and an ever expanding platform. "Our application introduces our users with a wide range of suggestions that maximize these aspects, so creating alliances with PedidosY, our partners significantly increase sales potential."

At present, it indicates that it operates with more than 3,000 brands from different markets. "In Coquimbo, we operate more than 100 different options with not only restaurants, but also supermarket and botilists, but this proposal for passing passes will gradually increase."

78 Active bikers keep orders up to date. It started operating in November.

In the case of Glovo, anyone who wants to enter Schol can do that. "We do not pay the membership fee, but we only apply one sales commission to the customer's total purchases."

Only restaurants are expected to have at least 60 compatible options when it is closed. "It's true that we can have more restaurants, but it is important to pay attention to our user experience, so we want to obey ourselves with well-known businesses in the region."

Depending on the effect of the sale, it depends heavily on the type of food, the online presence of the store, and the arrangements. "People can represent 50% of sales if they already know the brand of businesses," he said. 3701iR


They should be downloaded from PedidosYa on the mobile phone where the application is the recommended directory on the shipping radius. Once you've responded to the customer's taste, your order will be about 30 minutes on average. "Our platform has all available payment options available on the market, either online or online, using credit or physical devices such as credit card readers – its availability depends on the system's operating system," says Lopez.

You need to download a program that you can see in the case of Glovo, restaurant, pharmacy, or market, as well as the ability to use the button "no matter what," Glover brings it to you, "says Willem Schol.

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