Monday , March 20 2023

Opposition senators will table a draft agreement on asylum Ricardo Palma Salamanca


Opposition senators will enter this Wednesday in a draft agreement on political asylum granted by the French Agency for the Protection of Refugees and Minority Persons in Ricardo Palma Salamanca.

In the document, parliamentarians stress that "we repeat our absolute condemnation of the attack against a Chilean senator on democracy."

"The rule of law in Chile provides guarantees for full respect for the rights of defendants or convicts, including the review by independent courts of all appeals deemed relevant for their defense"
It became clear.

The Senators said that "the crimes committed by Ricardo Palma Salamanca, including the assassination of a Senator of the Republic, were committed when a democratic regime was already in place in the country, with a separation of powers and full independence of the judiciary and a full procedural guarantee."

"For the same reason, and understanding that the separation of powers of the state is also another fundamental pillar of our democratic system, as the Senate of Chile, we do not share the decision of the French institution and we call on the government to take appropriate steps within the international legal framework before the French authorities to obtain a review and, in any event, to obtain the Palma Salamanca in Chile " they supported.

Faced with this situation, PS Rabindranath Quinteros, the PS head of the senate coalition, said "the Socialist Party has always condemned the crime of Senator Jaime Guzmán in a clear and unequivocal manner and has spoken since 1991."

"That is why we are asking the President to immediately appoint the Chilean Ambassador to France to correct a diplomatic error which, in our opinion, affects the proper management of our position as a country on this issue" he said.

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