Friday , September 30 2022

Opposition warns government to act as jungle command after Catrillanca's death | National


The opposition pointed out to the government the role of Carabineros in the death of Community Camilo Catrillanca, after Vice-President Andrés Chadwick reported that the Jungla Command staff deleted the memory card used in the process where the new Mapuche died.

Although Carabineros reported that the cameras were not used in the operation, on Sunday the government confirmed that the troops involved in the operation of the jungle command had surveillance cameras and erased the images recorded on that day.

In the formerly new majority, Senator Alejandro Guillier said that La Moneda had received Carabineros from the outset, underlining that there is also political responsibility.

"The government has undoubtedly undertaken Carabineros' thesis on the murder of Camilo Catrillanca. The lack of credibility harms the restoration of trust. The responsibility is not only the police but also the politics ", said the former presidential candidate.

For his part, the PPD deputy for Araucania Ricardo Celis said that the fact that Carabineros had wiped out evidence of what had happened in the death of the parliament called into question the version that has been issued so far by the institution that affects the whole region.

"He is unreliable in such a critical situation, where young Catrillanca dies, Carabineros has not recorded what happened there and that Carabineros has eliminated the memory card, removing all the credibility from his speech and publication. It affects the people of Mapuche, people who do not belong to Mapuche and the region, "added Celis.

Frente Amplio also pointed to La Moneda for the removal of the memory card used in the process where Catrillanca died, adding that the government's strategy did not work in La Araucanía.

"It is not enough to dismiss four officials, the government and the Carabineros have to assume their responsibility to force violence as a means of resolving. We ask the government to put an end to its stubbornness and re-evaluate the Araucanía plan as it works today, you can not implement the strategic carrot and stick, "said Deputy Claudia Mix.

In the same line, Deputy Gabriel Boric described Katrina's death as an assassination and asked for explanations for Laura Araucani's "militarization".

The government's contradictions in the Catrillanca case are serious. She has to explain. The militarization of Araucania was never the solution. The murder of Camilo is another proof, "Boric added.

"The responsibilities of the government and the Carabineros are obvious and this must have concrete political consequences not only for middle managers," added Deputy Gael Yeomans.

Together with the recognition that the images of the moment when Catrillanca died were deleted, the government also confirmed the resignation of two senior officials from La Araucanía and four other officers were dismissed.

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