Monday , February 6 2023

PICTURES These are fraudulent images of Carabineros trying to gather Catrillanca assassination


There are eight photographs that have been released today and sent to various journalists and political authorities and who are responsible for the death of Camuo Catrillanca, a member of the Mapuche community based on the "messy" logic.

Among those who took these images were the former mayor, Luis Mayol, and Senator Felipe Cast.

Photographs show that there is a potential conflict with the death of Catrillanca, which has never happened, and was shown after the release of the videos this week.

Let's remind, the version of the "confrontation" was first supported by various thinkers like President Piñera, Interior Minister Andrés Chadvik, Consultant Ubilla, Spokesman Cecilia Perez, Chilean MPs Vamos and others. .

Catrillanca: Luis Mayol and Felipe Kast sent "confrontation" photos by the general

These photos were contacted by journalists after they chatted through WhatsApp, the journalists were contacted by Carabineros, the Cenco Contact Center, and later by the group's managers.

Dynamo spoke with Felipe Kastun on the confirmation that he had taken photos of himself for the Senator La Araucanía, the Evapolis Senator, and that he was facing an armed group in Carabineros's Temucuicui community, Ercilla said.

See the pictures below:

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