Monday , February 6 2023

Protect your privacy with health sensors


Today, digital electronics has become very small, and we now have mobile phones with real computers, dozens of times on desktop. And this may be the reason why a high-end phone is spent more or less on a fully equipped laptop or desktop computer. Finally, at least we have the same power as our computers, but in smaller places and, of course, money and a lot of money.

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Medical teams that eventually used a number of sensors came up with mobile phones and tried to measure the vital signs of those who took them. Thus, almost any healthcare group, including cheap Chinese ones (Chinese), can measure pulse and sometimes blood pressure. It would probably have allowed a group of like-minded people to know that the blows were not faster than normal, or that their blood pressure was insufficient and that they had come out of the "normal" range because perhaps you had to think about going to a doctor or Emergency Situations to avoid a possible health crisis. go

Mobile phones are often the real computers behind medical teamsresults, graphics, etc. more than "dumb terminals" that measure and transmit an app on the phone to show it. Certainly, many companies are already working on a device that cancels the phone, and all of the health care team needs it.

For example, Apple watches have a range of health sensors that can measure many things, and according to our knowledge, the apps we measure or apply are vital signs. They are professionally focused on people's health. However, we are warning about what these sensors are.

All measurements made on a person's body, such as a hospital, are made through "life support", ie systems that control the quality of the tapes are health or postmodern watches. These lifecycle devices have been monitored to establish themselves as reliable measuring devices. And what is the point of many healthcare teams or smart watches. Well, it's nice to see how the Apple screen displays the heart's electrocardiogram on the screen of the phone, but from there doctors accept this information – it's probably not.

It should be noted that not only life-support measuring devices in medicine (which is more expensive), but other measures also have measurable devices that help them to avoid any problems. false information. For example, there are docks in the diver's bracket and the speed of the diver to exit the water can be resolved without excessive nitrogen in the blood of the hyperbaric camera. And these installations are very important, because the waves depend on the seafront safe and healthy, but they can also fail. In fact, one of my brothers is a professional divers and his console failed to rise. My brother saw something strange and decided not to see what the device said and go to the procedures he learned and left the water without problems. The console was notified to the manufacturer, and even my brother drew the same screen as incorrectly.

So trusting technology is a good thing, but I'm convinced that one device can measure vital signs and, in particular, get enough information on equipment that does not support life. Not the best idea. Let's say that all of these sensors are an argument for the more expensive selling of our interesting, entertaining and technological toys, but it is a good idea to rely on our lives to them.

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