Tuesday , January 31 2023

PSU: 14 national points belong to indigenous peoples and five outsiders


Executive Vice President of the Rector's Council, Aldo Valle, highlighted today's students who gained national results in the 2018 University Graduation Test.

"In 2019, we would like to emphasize that there are some national scores because they represent outstanding achievements, with a maximum of 850 points and 14 automatized groups of 14 original students, with 5 foreigners," Valle said

The Cruch representative said that, as the Council of Rectors, students who achieve these results, as well as those who have earned the most points in their region and the recognition of Literature Prize.

General characteristics of national scores

This is the 211 national and max score scored at the University Selection Research (PSU) among fourth-graders this year for 2019. In two compulsory tests, the best average, in addition to the national score, the second consists of 209 people.

Of the general national results, 199 responded to the best average level of Mathematics, 2 Linguistics and Communication, 6 History, Geography and Social Sciences, 2 to Scientific and 2 to the absolute PSU.

Taking into account the test and gender distinction, 2 national points of the Language Psychology this year meet women; The math test was 159 points, 40 for men, and 40 for women. History test 2, 4 for women and 4 for men; The science test is for 2 points.

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