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Red Dead Redemption 2


Rockstar Games returns to the west. In 2010 he gave us one of his most round plays and one of the best games in history and with the help of Arthur Morgan and the Dutch band Van der Linde is now trying to tell us what happened before meeting John Marston.

Red Dead Redemption 2 landed in shops with aura of a special video game. In particular, if the latest releases of Rockstar Games, despite being the most profitable entertainment product in history, is that this unhappy Western is the first prologue in which the study works, his first video game was thought of and created exclusively for this generation, the first title in which his different divisions (North, San Diego, etc.) were assembled to work harmoniously, and then more than fifteen years of chaining annual releases, the first project that led the company to spend five years "empty".

And although the last points are absolutely relevant, it is the reason why Red Dead Redemption 2 is, say, one of the most ambitious video games in history, the transcendence is actually transcendent. Someone focused on the rogue band from which he was part of the unforgettable John Marston, namely Arthur Morgan, executive arm and right hand of Dutch leader Van der Linde.

The Houser brothers and the writing team decide trip to 1899, twelve years before the events they narrated in the 2010 video game and focus on the low hours of a band of bandits who, after a failed coup, are on full flight across the North American continent. So, in media res, start a slow, guided and dense first chapter far from reflecting luxury and depth in every respect Red Dead Redemption 2 At the same time, in a sure frustrating way, he spends a lot of time making references to events that did not live or did not play, which they feel more relevant than what we are playing. A kind of prologue.

These first three or four hours of play, clearly influenced by movies such as The painful eight, operate like an extensive tutorial in which, in a narrow way and far from the absolute freedom that characterizes it sandbox the company's, we learn the basic concepts of the many different systems they incorporate Red Dead Redemption 2: by hunting and connecting with our horse in relation to our colleagues or caring for our weapons. And it serves, above all, as intense statement of intent by its creators.

Red Dead Redemption is not Grand Theft Auto. Beyond the obvious difference in their environment, both sagas are increasingly divided into playable and far from the rhythm of espídico and the sarcastic tone of his star, the company had the courage to work for almost eight years a sober video game, dense and deliberate pause, away from a market where frenzied and direct experiences dominate Fortnite o Call of duty. Here everything is simmering, as with the best Western films, even the most basic engineers tend to be disturbed to achieve greater realism and depth. And this is Red Dead Redemption 2 grows, too, horizontally but also vertically.

So much so that the first bars of the video game can cause a bittersweet sense of the insignificance of the foreword and above all by an obvious step back to some of Arthur Morgan's engineers and basic moves. The overwhelming majority, with the passage of hours, end up penetrating the player and acting as pieces of an experience bordering, almost always successfully, with this coveted realism and with others the items never end up fitting in a perfectly satisfactory way and can drown from the beginning.

The most obvious case is hers interaction system with everything that surrounds us: by pressing the L2 / LT we open a menu that connects the hundreds of NPCs (people and animals) that fill the world of video games, racks, cupboards and drawers and performs the various actions necessary for missions and the tasks of the video game. At a level of interaction with what surrounds us, Red Dead Redemption 2 is often superior to the company's previous video games and therefore presents a more sophisticated control that requires the constant combination of control keys.

And here they are many problems, more or less subjective: it is difficult to understand that the button on which the system is built is the same as that used by the absolute totality of video games to target with our weapon, forcing us to renovate something that has roots for decades and over from & lt; RTI ID = causing multiple unpleasant and disappointing situations for the player. In addition, assigning buttons and using them in dozens of actions is somewhat inconsistent and even with dozens of hours of play behind their backs, we can not talk about an intuitive and coherent system: it does not seem to be clear what actions the square / X or the triangle / Y should be used or when they should be pressed or pushed. Adaptation and assimilation of this new and important element is a sacrifice made with pleasure, but of course we are facing a section with great room for improvement in future traditions.

Other basic mechanical like of shootings, in which the weapon has to be prepared and fits between shots and shots and in which it is difficult to find satisfactory control settings, is not as immediately convincing as in previous corporate video games (from their own RDR o GTA V even what remains a reference to the species, Max Payne 3) but end up being a brave and stable bet with the proposal, which differentiates while introducing a lightweight layer of additional depth.

With everything, it is just arrived in the second chapter, with our camp already settled in a new territory and in a free way to explore the vast world, when begins to show the absolute genius that is Red Dead Redemption 2 in the state of the open world of the game and the possible doubts created by its warm start are cleansed with a stroke. And the reason is, at the same time, really simple and extremely complicated: Rockstar's latest work It presents us with the most reliable, organic, detailed and profound world that we have seen in the history of the instrument and, in particular, to a generation where this approach is strongly supported. It is unheard of and leaves you speechless at every step.

Everything starts in general, with some high-level graphics and artistic parts supported by unusual technical robustness in games of this cut, which reduces defects such as shivering and cut in minimal expression, giving us an enormous attraction and continuing in each of the other aspects: the hundreds of careful moving images, even for small and irrelevant actions that we see only on a particular mission. perfecting his spectacular physics engine; a great sound design which takes the sound of the world and its inhabitants, and the extensive and dynamic soundtrack (which does not repeat any cut throughout the adventure) is another character. and, which is there to conclude and wrap, one of the best lighting we've ever seen.

Rockstar stumbles on the scenario and price system and fines

But there is much more: what it shows and how it does Red Dead Redemption 2 It is practically impenetrable and, even with more than seventy hours, it is common to continue to be surprised at every step. Someone never gets used to its spectacular dynamic climate system, with stunning thunderstorms and fog that brightens in the bones, recreation of nearly 200 animal species and dozens of random and wildly diverse events that we will find on our trips or in the details are seemingly insignificant, such as the way to sink into the mud of the falls, the recreation and movement of the cultivated beards of Arthur, the cuts and bruises on his face after the battles and almost unlimited. There are thousands of small and not so small details that make people feel so alive and we live instead of playing it.

Say this Red Dead Redemption 2 is the next type that turned into a video game that was released in 2018 It seems a simple and accurate way to summarize the company's incomprehensible and frail work. In fact, I have no doubts, it will take us a long time to see an open world with this level of depth and detail, even with the next consoles that are already on sale. Own Grand Theft Auto V noted the technical and ambitious limit of the latest generation, Red Dead Redemption 2 do the same.

But even here, where it certainly costs more, hours of play make it unusual to become a routine and end up giving priority to feelings. And it is that if we remember today that John Marston's story in many other video games that began in the last decade is what counts and how he counts for his memorable secondary characters for his first trip to Mexico and a finale that marks the fire in the retina above the satisfaction of your system Dead Eye or for the excellent recreation of Armadillo or Blackwater. And that would be more.

And there, at his narrative side Red Dead Redemption 2, is where Rockstar has not reached the extraordinary level of maturity absorbed by the other elements of the video game and, in fact, is behind the live and played years ago. Arthur Morgan is a fantastic character with an unforgettable performance by Roger Clark (to praise Rockstar's ability to discover and shine the interpreters completely unknown) that are involved a routine and almost always insurmountable story that, in addition, extends very much.

Although the remarkable step forward in content and duration compared to previous study games is to be grateful, the script takes too much time in telling something of real interest while incorporating too many missions that fall into absolute filling in the first half of it, with basic commissions and its own of any open-gaming TV game in the world of bunch. On the other hand, as soon as the equator reaches, Rockstar decides to open up numerous fronts and introduce new threats to forced marches, hurriedly linking and in some cases unsatisfying. The story gives us great moments and has passages that will be remembered in the years to come, it would be more, but we are talking about one Unbalanced and irregular scenario that, surprisingly, lacks the classical western tone that was burned in every corner of the former.

And, in the same way, it is difficult to understand that such a long history does not let the characters that make it and their relationships breathe more. Thus, some who completely forget the first half of the game end up being a chapter for Arthur in the outcome of the story, while others evolve and act incomprehensibly in the final stages of adventure. Meanwhile, and despite welcome optional conversations, the majority of the members of the numerous band are limited to simple one-dimensional stereotypes: the cook, the writer, the Irish, the Mexican, the violent or the anarchist. At a conceptual and mechanical level, there is no doubt that Rockstar seeks to make the band and its members a key element Red Dead Redemption 2 but, unfortunately, the script does not complete this proposal.

To make matters worse, moreover, Red Dead Redemption 2 meet two unforced errors in a prequel: first suggest one insignificant story and that it does not complete or does not complete the facts outlined in the first Red Dead Redemption and, above all, it falls Multiple and superfluous inconsistencies and retroactive errors with the story we have known since 2010. It is difficult to understand what and why the play scenario does not work without entering spoilers with which we will talk much more about this, with all sorts of details, in an additional article.

But even with these problems, the game gives us two of the best characters Rockstar has ever created: Sadie Addler, the woman we saved on the first mission of the game, ends up becoming one of the most charismatic members of the band and, of course, in Arthur Morgan we have one of the best characters of today's generation and, perhaps, the story of the instrument: filled with certainty, contradictions and internal conflicts.

This is a shame Red Dead Redemption 2 to fall into the typical mistake of turning it into a simple messenger, provoking do not fail to comply with the orders and requests of others during almost all of the plot but, yes, by giving her some service through it integrated decision-making on certain missions, allowing us to choose the type of strategy with which we will deal with a particular project or at what time of day to act, to give two examples. In this case, in addition, it is presented from the beginning as the executive part of the band that somehow synthesizes this classic problem.

What it produces certain conflicts with the character that is portrayed throughout history, his cinematographic works and cinema and the many talks in full mission, is the price system inherited from the previous video game. Rockstar introduces us to a criminon who has grown up in the crime, and someone who, says, "does the bad things that are necessary to move on." In this way, the vast majority of videogame missions will force us to kill dozens of people, collect debts regardless of the borrower's circumstances and problems, and steal from private homes or stepcoaches on trains or banks. We control a bandit and the main plot respects and strengthens this image.

But, on the other hand, Red Dead Redemption 2 is not a video game made to behave like a robber outside the ground intended for it and in fact the very idea of ​​a price system that improves and gives us benefits as we behave better is odd in this context. Beyond that, it often behaves strangely: the completion of a mission in which we have stolen custody and ending with two dozen enemies without anything has changed so that our price decreases after the loot of a body we find on our journey or after hitting an NPC with horse and creating a silly brawl is, at best, odd. In addition, the system of fines, which puts a price on our head after committing crimes and abuses (or, again, what the game sees as such) does not work at all and ends in frustration more than it should.

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