Wednesday , February 8 2023

Rios, the daughter of China, returned to her father's fields and stole her eyes


Marcelo Ríos' daughter, Constanza Ríos, attended the fair, which he played on Friday before his father Nicolás Lapente, and his presence was not neglected by the public.

In fact, a young woman who fulfilled her dream of seeing her father was one of the most demanded. Teens only participated in a tournament attended by Ríos, but at the age of two.

Last night, the old world number returned to a game seven years later and won.

Constanza, the fruits of her relationship with Guiliana Sotela, are in front of her daughter.

It should be noted that one of Rio's greatest dreams was the play of his children. La Cuarta said, "This is a great feeling that my children have not seen me and that they know what to taste really will be celebrated in memory."

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