Wednesday , February 8 2023

Rooney revealed the bad atmosphere in United with Mourinho: "The chefs were delighted"


Articles Jose Mourinho's staging at Manchester United ended and the group turned the page very quickly. A Portugal's dismissal a weekThe Red Devils came out on the field and left the club for bad results and the bad atmosphere that existed with players They were defeated in Cardiff City from 5 to 1 comfortably guest condition.

In the technical direction of the table manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, forgot about the bad times he experienced with the United, Portuguese coach and environment Old Trafford, according to Wayne Rooney, a former club man, did not reach anyone and no one was happy.

Mourinho left the club a season ago and although he had been with Mourinho for one year, he left the club after being unrecognized, and was open to revealing the aggressive environment: "not just the players (not happy), but the whole club. I'm sure Ed Woodward was the same. The staff, the chefs, the requisites, did not enjoy it. To become a successful club, you need everything to make everyone happy. "

"The relationship between some players and a part of the coaching staff was not good, but now it is a good move for the club (Mourinho's dismissal) and how he can improve Ole's team and how he plays. Ole is a person who can do things and know that I'm happy at the club"he added in an interview with IT Sport.

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