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Rozas plans to rebuild Carabineros and MPs do not want to escape accusations against Chadwick


Recently, Carabineros CEO Mario Rozas is working on the rebuilding of the High Command and does not exclude more general separation. At the same time, DC and Chile Vamos called for "seriousness" for MPs in the opposition and could not prevent the constitutional charge against Andreas Chadwick.

Within a matter of hours after Carabineros took over, Commander Mario Rosaz admitted he was confident that the current situation of the organization was difficult, mainly due to the millions of dollars fraud affecting the uniform police, the Storm and the results of the resulting police death. Map of Camilo Catrillanca.

For Rosa, the condition of Carabineros has been improved and "improves the body."

The new CEO added that his leadership would focus on what Hermes Soto said and would "focus on preventive action to improve the sense of security" in a civil war.

"It is now a command to accompany me in this administration"

– Mario Rozas

As for relations with the Salafi, Rosa said that the former director congratulated him on his appointment. The new government expressed its gratitude to Soto and asked for "advice."

He also added that the new director of uniformed police had been working on restructuring the organization's Supreme Command, excluding the withdrawal of more generals.

"Now I'm hoping to build a command that will accompany me in this administration and continue to move forward as soon as possible to the government's position as expected."

Sebastian Beltran United Nations Organization
Sebastian Beltran United Nations Organization

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick of the former Nueva Mayoría was summoned to take on political responsibility in a procedure that ended with the death of a Catrillanca community member.

He did not rule out the possibility of a possible constitutional allegation against the Secretary of State.

Communist deputy Hugo Gutierrez, according to the events described in La Araucanía, must be accepted by the Minister of the Interior and even by President Piñera.

"There are a number of measures that are worthy of political responsibility both from the Interior Minister and from the President of the Republic, but I would like the Prosecutor's Office and the Investigative Committee of the Chamber to continue the investigation, MPs said," said the opposition MP.

"Here, there are a number of facts that can be worthy of the President of the Republic, either the Interior Ministry or the political responsibilities"

– Hugo Gutiérrez

La Araucanía Senator, Christian Democrat Francisco Huenchumilla, said "all councils and deaths in all governments" because he called "seriousness" to the left-wing parliamentarians raising their constitutional accusations.

"No political sector can be put on the first stone, it's all government, deaths, assemblies, lies and a number of things in different governments, and I think it's important to be serious in politics."

"No political sector can be the first to throw stones, all of which have been deaths, assemblies, lies, and some things in the Government and various governments"

– Francisco Huenchumilla

But Maite Orsini, a Democratic Revolution deputy, urged President Pinarena's interior minister, Andrés Chadwick, to resign, and argued that if she did not, she would analyze constitutional options in the parliament.

"His office does not guarantee that this serious and terrible situation will not happen again," the MP said.

Head of National Renewal, MP, official Leopoldo Perez, acknowledged that the main constitutional accusation against Chadwick was unfounded and said he expects the appeal to be unsuccessful.

"As you can see, there will be no agreement on all benches," said the MP for the Metropolitan.

In the document published in the Official Gazette, the demand for Hermes Soto to be abolished was sent back by Eugenio Soto Island, through the Ministry of Internal Affairs – by the decree of President Piñera – Carabineros (former) Director General Hermes.

According to the document – in the fourth paragraph – the request for extradition requires that "the Caribineros de Chile need to re-establish control over the situation."

"Actually," the text continues, "Carabineros is also in a crisis with Chile's possible illegal movements." Thus, according to the publication, Soton's decision to remove from the "need for a new management (organization) to deal with existing problems" would be fair.

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