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Samsung Galaxy A10 will use screen fingerprint readers


One of the most obvious things about the Samsung Galaxy S10 is something that this model will use fingerprint reader integrated into the display. However, this proposal of the Korean firm could not be the first one, because information on this honor appeared Samsung Galaxy A10.

For some time, the Samsung Galaxy A10 is a real model and, CES course course It is celebrated in Las Vegas at the beginning of January 2019 (probably with some new Galaxy M you're talking about). This situation seems to have put this fingerprint reader on the screen of the firm's portfolio Experience provided to users Before using it on the Galaxy S10.

It will be a fingerprint reader on the Samsung Galaxy S10 screen

This element can be seen when used optical technology – If integrated into the models of companies such as Huawei or Oppo – or if the manufacturer's choice in his defect is made by Qualcomm and uses an ultrasound one. From a logical point of view, Samsung Galaxy A10 is the first to integrate, because it's rare to be announced at the Mobile World Congress … But the Korean company will not be surprised as it does not use it for the first time three sensors in the same room.

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is a very good model

We say this because the information on what this terminal will offer is the most positive. It will offer a clean and tough high-quality model is really an attractive hardware (without forgetting the metal and glass finish). Thus, Samsung Galaxy A10 is expected to use a processor Snapdragon 845 so your performance will be really good (you can run Fortnite without the slightest problem). In addition, the amount of RAM will be two 4 or 6 GB. That is, there will be no cracks.

Samsung logo

The logical thing is that the new device reaches the market Android PieAlways using the Korean company without losing the new personalization of Google's development. There are two integrated sensors (each resolution is unknown) with the main camera of the Samsung Galaxy A10, and therefore the panel will be close to six buttons. SuperAMOLED with Full HD + solution. This model should not be considered sensor for integrated selfies on screen. We see all this soon confirmed in justice in the United States.

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