Tuesday , January 31 2023

Science does not guarantee the protection of garlic from cancer


This is a very widespread belief garlic There are factors defenderfaces different types Cancer (colon, rectum, prostate, stomach, mouth, gut, among others). However, science does not support it, considering the scientific articles prepared by a group of Pompeu Fabra University Scientific Communication Observatory. You can not really say yes or no.

The Nutrimedia group, analyzing the degree of scientific reliability for nutrition and nutrition messages for UPF, understood that the current response was "uncertain" according to an article published. "With existing arguments, garlic can not be confirmed or denied that it can have any protective effect."

After reviewing their findings, they feel that they are less confident about the information they provide. "These are obtained from observational investigations that do not allow for direct contact between the benefits of garlic consumption and the reduction of cancer risk." No more serious investigations.

Garlic has been eaten for thousands of years in the Mediterranean and other parts of the world and has been therapeutic since ancient times. In fact, there are organophosphate compounds transformed into derivatives due to how various anticoagulant or antihypertensive properties are ejected.

Risk of cancer depends on many factors, lifestyle, and especially diet. It's logical to look for simple methods to avoid one of the main causes of death. "But the anti-cancer features of garlic are not claimed."

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