Tuesday , January 31 2023

Sergio Vittor responded to the details of the arrival


The former defense of Concepción University is a step to becoming a blue fleet for the next season.

Chilean University It was very close to the fifth strengthening of the 2019 season.

Sergio Vittor is the defender of the Racing Club and this year's detailed information when it comes to the blue ones, played at the Concept University. As you can see CDF News, both clubs began negotiations to arrive in La Cisterna & # 39; s Trans-Andya.

Even though there is no agreement between companies, lawyers have no interest in paying salaries, but university students are eager to buy a percentage of interest from Yeferson Soteldo. Currently, this will be a one-year period.

If the operation was successful, he would go to Nicolas Oroz for the liberation of the quota of foreigners leaving Venezuela and Leandro Benegas's nationalization.

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