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She insists on the use of a vaccine against flu


vaccine against the flu 1HERMOSILLO, ARE.- Vaccine vaccine is a major preventive measure to prevent the disease in cold season Ministry of Health of the State requires the population to be exposed to risk factors.

Gerardo Álvarez Hernández He pointed out that most vulnerable groups such as children aged 6 to 59, pregnant women, 50 and older, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, smoking, and others are the most vulnerable to the disease.

According to him, it is recommended to produce antibodies and biological, which lasted for two to three weeks in the coldest phase of the year in January and February, until the end of December.

"Flu is high in transmissive, which is an infection of the respiratory tract transmitted through sneezing, cough and rhinopharyngeal secretions easily."

It is possible that the disease can be contracted with objects or areas associated with contaminated hands because a virus that can be placed at home, at work, and on the phone or in the metal tubes is released. .

The success of the treatment of influenza is dependent on its speed because it is so quickly understood that an antiviral-like disorder such as oseltamivir is prevented and can be presented to the Secretariat Health in all areas of the State.

Drugs have been shown only in patients with suspected flu and do not need to be administered in all acute respiratory symptoms, because in fact, the type of flu can take into account that the overall condition is less than 1% of acute respiratory infections (ARI).

Preventive measures to prevent influenza and health in the winter season:

• Apply the vaccine.
• Wash your hands frequently.
• Do not hold your eyes, nose, or mouth dirty.
• Do not forget that during coughing and sneezing, you can cover your hand with a mosaic or an angle formed by your arm.
• If you have cough, cold and / or fever, shake hands and kiss.
• Clean all the environments at home and at work: Phones, computers, printers.
• Allow home ventilation and sunshine through windows.
• Do not forget to keep warm in the morning and night, especially when using the pants or shawls that cover your mouth when going outdoors.
• Avoid sudden changes in temperature as much as possible.
• Try eating vegetables and citrus fruits rich in vitamins A and C, which will help strengthen cells that defend us with the presence of microorganisms.

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