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Solowrestling presents WWE 2018 awards


Introduces a new version of Solowrestling.com WWE Awards, we are conducting a general assessment of the best of the year in the category. On this occasion, we would like to pay more attention to the personal views of our specialists. Along with this, we continued to look at the opinions of our readers. WWE awards are managed by Sebastian Martinez with the help of the writing team. When we decided to celebrate the winners, we took into consideration all possible factors: the use of statistical information, which is part of the quiz and is part of the individual section. We will leave you with the WWE 2018 awards without further delay.

The best woman WWE superstar (staff award)

For the first time in the history of WWE, women have played a more important role than men and staged the company's female superstars in the late 2018. Although there are three or four fighters who can take the first place, Ronda Rousey is the most important superstore of the year, the best battles for the longest time, the company has become the biggest claim at the international level. Becky Lynch was a dominant woman at the last stage of the year, but did not differ until September. Charlotte Flair took part in the best matches of the year; He defended the title of WrestleMania against Asuka and consequently ended the series of Japanese wrestlers and took part in the top three of the year's Evolution, Survivor Series and TLC battles. The decision was not easy, but Ronda Rousey needed a reward.

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch (SmackDown)

Over the last few months, WWE was the best superstar in 2018, but the first half of the year was brilliant.


Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair (SmackDown)

She has been in the best female matches of the year 2018 and has been a longtime SmackDown * champion.


Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey (RAW)

He played storylines More importantly, it has been a longtime Raw champion, has fought great battles and has been a major media fighter.


The Best WWE Superstar (Readers Award)

1 Becky Lynch: 65.66% of voices
Ronda Rousey: 17.52%
3. Charlotte Flair: 13.04%

Best Female Superstar in 2017

1 Alexa Bliss: 42.37% of voices
2. Charlotte Flair: 28.71%
3. Asuka: 18.17%

The best man WWE superstar (staff award)

2018 was a bad year for the WWE's good sections. On the ring, most superstars looked good, but it's not known how to connect with the public. It was not a warrior standing on top of those who were hard to analyze this category. Many users claimed that Daniel Bryan had been in this list, but the truth was true; It has been there, but it has not been realized. Yours turn your foot He opened a new career in his career and I'm sure that 2019 will be one of the best. My three finalists, the rest of the soul for Set Rollins; he has been in good contact with the public, is one of the most exciting stories, has gained good domination and has taken part in the best matches. AJ Styles Yes, a record dominated, but it does not mean that it is not boring, because women took SmackDown Live fashion. He was a Roman emperor storyline& # 39; can win once a year and this edition may be the winner, but because of its long absence, it is impossible to get the first place.

Roman ruler

Roman rule (Raw)

On Monday night, she was in the spotlight of Raw & had been in the starry events until her departure.


AJ Styles

AJ Styles (SmackDown)

He was the champion of the champions, but his storylines They have not been in the sensation.


Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins (RAW)

On Monday night, Raw & became the best champion of the year and leader in ring.


The Best Men's WWE Superstar (Readers Prize)

1 AJ Styles: 50.37% of voices
2. Set Rollins: 33.19%
3. Roman rule: 8.78%

Best Superstar in 2017

1 AJ Styles: 54.76% of voices
2. Braun Strokman: 20.04%
3. Roman rule: 10.92%

WWE's best team (staff award)

In this category, I encountered the same problem as the "Best Male Superstarı of the Year" category. No one left to rest. We have witnessed great struggles, but storylines They have been decaffeinated. The Bludgeon Brothers, B-Team, and Worlds Deleters have brought us something different, but with the exception of the first, the comic tactile did not have a constant fit and was diluted with time transition. For this reason, teams such as New Day and Bar are superior and have long stayed in the inner vote, given the Usos in the main battlefields of the year. who can not win championships.

The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper and Rowan)

They are the longest-lived champions of the year before Rowan's injury and are invincible. In addition, her character came in a hurry to divide couples.


New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)

They managed to become the longest team team in terms of joint championships and celebrated the best fights of the year.


Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus)

They were Raw and SmackDown champions, but they looked good when they were given an opportunity and continued to divide the pair.


Best WWE Group (Readers Award) *

1 Bar: 50.2% of voices
2. Usage: 21.72%
3. New day: 12.81%

The Best Tag Team in 2017

1 Bar: 41.47% of voices
2. Terms of use: 34.6%
3. Shield (Dean Ambrose and Set Rollins): 9.5%

The best-performing Superstar in the WWE,

I'm glad to announce my awards in this category, but WWE has done a great job to improve some of its capabilities. True, it has not been a great year storylines, but advanced superstars will be the stars in their best stories in the coming years. Among other things I can include Nia Jax, Ronda Rousey, Buddy Murphy or Lio Rush, but I chose Carmella, Baron Corbin and Becky Lynch. Carmella earned Money in the Bank last year, but a situation like Diva has changed over the course of the month, in particular, as a result of Evolution. Before that, he ruled 131 days as the SmackDown champion. Baron Corbin had the most radical change. Perhaps he was not afraid of the former, but now Raw is one of the greatest protagonists. However, if someone gets better, it's Becky Lynch, the great forgotten WWE Universe. And only his character has improved, but his battles are now more consistent.

Roman ruler

Carmella (SmackDown)

She was a SmackDown champion for a few months and began to become a girl who was disgusted by a public superstara.


Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin (Raw)

His character has undergone a radical change and turned it into one of Raw's main figures.


Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch (SmackDown)

He has improved with him in all directions turn your foot and became the best character of the moment.


Superstar, the best-selling WWE (Readers Award) *

1 Becky Lynch: 47.51% of voices
Ronda Rousey: 39.25% **
3. Carmella: 39.25%

The most advanced Superstar in 2017

1 Braun Strokman: 61.73% of voices
2. Jinder Mahal: 12.21%
3. Neville: 11.58%

WWE's best battle of the year (staff award)

Despite the big problem with WWE's stories, the duels are well settled and I think that they are better fighting this year than 2017, especially with the introduction of women into this section. In WrestleMania, the fight between Asuka and Charlotte Flair could be the first thing to do because of the headline, a strip of play and a great quality. However, there was more depth in the struggle between Ireland and the struggle between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair than what it meant. Evolution was a remarkable event, and all heroes were on a high level, but the show atmosphere was completely changed with the participation of two superstars SmackDown. On the other hand, between Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, I would like to note a fight between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose in Hellfire, one of the incredible battles of the year, which is an incredible tempo.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre (c) and others. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (Cell Hell)

Incredible intensity and unexpected ending.


Charlotte Flair et al. Asuka (WrestleMania 34)

A perfect fight with a hood and a blow on top.


Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair (Evolution)

WWE was a bridge for the return of women divorce.


Best WWE in the Year (Readers Prize) *

1 Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair (Evolution): 40.79% of voices
Gauntlet Match (Feb. 19): 21.42%
3. AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan (SmackDown October 30): 10.05%

The best fight of 2017

1 AJ Styles vs. John Cena (Royal Rumble): 36.27% of voices
2. Braun Straightman and others. Brock Lesnar vs. Roman ruler etc. Samoa Joe (SummerSlam 2017): 17.27%
3. AJ Styles vs. Finn Bálor (TLC): 14.97%

The best event of the year at WWE (staff award)

Undoubtedly, this is a more controversial category, but I think this victory show is a surprise of the year. But first, I have to say that in WWE 2018, there were some staggering shows, such as Survivor Series, TLC or Money, in the Bank. This was a positive trend, such as Super Show-Down or Crown Jewel. Hell in the cell was a cool show that created a lot of people – I know my information. It was wild battles, very interesting spots, one of the best games of the year and an incident that unexpectedly reflected Brock Lesnar. For me, Evolution was not the year of the year because it was a war of the year, but it should have been great in the eyes of public, but most of the battles were unobtrusive and a lot of designs were poor WrestleMania did not have the best publishing, but Ronda Roussean's Daniel Bryan 39's return to the ring was a great fight for the SmackDown Women's Championship and there was a very interesting event as we were surprised to learn. result

WrestleMania 34

History was not the best WrestleMania, but it was very fun.


WWE Evolution

A show full of emotionally-frustrating feelings, but it was already protected.


WWE Hell in a cell

Great start, great fight, good turns and a striking end.


Best Event at WWE (Readers' Award) *

1 WWE Evolution: 39.58% of voices
2. WrestleMania 34: 21.92%
3. Royal Rumble: 21.78%

Best WWE activity in 2017

1 Wrestlemania 33: 35.01% of voices
2. Summerslam: 18.16%
3. Elimination Chamber: 17.61%

The most influential news in WWE (Worker Award)

I do not want to make this section easy and terrible, but Roman domination is one of those who left your body frozen. Daniel Bryan's return was a magical thing, but he decided to sell WWE's news. They did it on a show and could have given a surprise or a PPV. WWE used a conventional environment before Daniel Bryan did not explain his words and took the deserved magic. On the other hand, the Roman rule was unexpected and full of news, and therefore the most shocking. Bruno Sammartino was one of the greatest superstar of all time, but his age and his admission to the hospital are not surprising. Undoubtedly, if you coincide with many readers, I leave the message of Roman rule.

Bruno Sammartino

Bruno Sammartino's dead

On April 18, 2018, we are one of the oldest of 82.


Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is reluctant to compete again

The positive news of the year is undeniable. It did not make us happy, but also hoped for many people.


Roman ruler

Roman leaves manage leukemia

This is the biggest negative news, although Big Dog can come back to WWE in the future.


The most shocking news in WWE (Reader's Award) *

1 The Roman ruler proclaims a march through leukemia: 75.58% of voices
2. Daniel Bryan received medical discharge: 15.14%
3. Shawn Michaels retired / Paige retired in the world of wrestling: 4.2% ***

WWE's Best Moment (Staff Award)

This year we have decided to distinguish between "The Best Moment" and "The Most Shocking News" because of the significant event in 2018. All in all, I was on the Bleeding scene at the top of Becky Lynch on Monday night, after the Raw Pavilion, SmackDown invaded the red show and Nia Jax left him beaten with a fist. Lynch continued his role and left us with an image that would have been deadly because he was terrified of touching us. A special note for the confrontation between Batista and Triple H at SmackDown 1000 opened the doors to the final battle between them. As for the third variance, many ideas have been shared, but since we have been executing this, we share the "Money Blubs" in the Bank.

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is making money from the Bank's money transfer

Not everyone is fresh and unexpected. Ronda Rousse extended his life to become a champion without losing his unbeaten impact.



Careo between Batista and Triple H at SmackDown 1000

Words, reaction, and the creation of the Batista promoter in Triple H are the WWE's formulas for creating great stories today.


Becky Lynch

Beck Lynch leaves Raw bleeding on Monday night

Despite the fact that it is best avoided by the impact of the impact, the scene has marked a significant change in WWE's new era of women.


The Best Moment in WWE (Readers' Award)

1 Becky Lynch abandons Raw bleeding from the nose (November 12): 46.12% of the votes
2. Rey Mysterio returns to the Royal Rumble Match: 16.96%
3. Careo with SmackDown 1000 between Batista and Triple H: 10.44%

The best time at WWE in 2017

1 Hardy Boyzin return to Wrestlemania 33 (49.29%)
2. The Wrestlemania wrestler (26.95%),
3. Kevin Ouens leads Vince McMahon test (7.23%).

* Carmella became the longest running SmackDown champion in 2018.

** Baron Corbin replaced Ronda Rousey in our last list, but we did not change it, so readers did not vote for it.

*** Closing the votes.

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