Wednesday , February 8 2023

Stop everything! Marco responded to Mago Valdivia from Pacto de Sangre and gave him a hat with a hat


Néstor Castillana's character admits Colo Colo as an admirer and wants a "prize" on his wheel and knows his secrets.

Jorge Valdivia is a guy who likes to relax on some television shows. She enjoys Pasapalabra no longer and now has a TV series Pacto de Sangre that breaks her at night.

By the way, and in its style, the wizard likes to put on a character, preferably: Marco, played by Néstor Cantillanaalways decorated with the same dress. "Without hats", said he was talented with his stories.

However, Marko responded to her on official television networks. "Wizard, I'm a colocolino puppy with a heart and a jerk, and I do not give you eggs because you like night, we've seen each other in just a few. So, I do not like you for hats and I do not give you shoes for night or small curls, right? Because you have a gift that you give, do not you remember? You gave me a petaquita, a small golden gift, and I always go on love. Great Colo Colo! Great magician! "Commented on Cantillana's favorite comment.

Video | Marco Magician responds to Valdivia

In addition, he offered a contract. "Wizard, watching this TV series come to an end, I'm ready to give it to you, and I will not wash it from the fourth half of the hua. You give me the Colo Colo & # 39; s T-shirt that I signed, my heartbeat team, Paredes and our new technical director. Great, teacher, we have faith! "He finished his words.

The ball is on the side of the magician.

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