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Stranger Things best moments to relive


the best moments of the most strange things
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There is no doubt It was stuff It is one of the best series of recent years. Not only for its rhythm and atmosphere that fascinate you instantly but for the hospitable characters and all the honors and references in Hollywood of the 80s. That's why we leave you the best moments It was stuff.

From this year on November 6, #StrangerThingsDay is celebrated and we can not be happier about it. Above all, because the third season is getting closer and closer. But while we wait for more details or a first trailer, let's review his best moments It was stuff.

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His best moments It was stuff

1. The disappearance of Will

#StrangerThingsDay happens exactly on the day that Will Byers disappeared. It was the night of November 6, 1983 when he returned home with his bike after spending his day with his friends playing Dungeons and Dragons. As he emerges from the game, a strange creature (Demogorgon) attacks Will and begins all this adventure.

2. Eleven and its powers

Eleven struck us all with his strength, his faith and his strength. It not only has great skills related to the world of Reverse but also has a wide range of psychic powers.

That's one of his best moments It was stuff is when he is lifting and turning a truck using telekinetics. All this at a time when it is a clear tribute ET The alien by Steven Spielberg.

3. Ouija with the lights of Christmas

We were all shocked to learn that Will is trapped in the world of Reverse. However, one of his best moments It was stuff is when he comes in contact with his mother through the lights of Christmas. So Joyce discovers that her son is actually alive.

This scene became so iconic that everyone immediately wanted to buy the Christmas lights and draw an alphabet on their walls.

4. Rebel without cause

From the moment he started looking for his mother, until his trip to Illinois to meet his "sister," Eden passed a stage of revolutionary adolescence. Not only did Hopper not completely upset him, who acts like his father, but we have a radical change in appearance.

One of the episodes that caused the biggest clash was "The Lost Sister". In this, Eleven finds Kali, who has also been experimented and empowered. Despite criticism, thanks to this episode we have one of his best moments It was stuff and is to see eleven with this punk-gothic style.

5. Dad Steve in the rescue

We all hated Steve Harrington in the first season. However, our feelings have changed completely in the second. Instead of worrying about perfect hair or popularity, Steve started worrying about others and gave us one of the best moments It was stuff.

Steve discovered that he has a great chemistry with Dustin and begins to act like a big brother to him. He tries not only to defend and protect him, but accompanies him in all his mad decisions and gives him love advice and helps him to have spectacular hair.

6. The true hero

With their misunderstood jokes, many are slow to love Bob Newby, his friend Joyce. However, it is clear that what she felt was very powerful and that she also had a great love for her children. That's one of his best moments It was stuff – And also the most sad – is the death of this character.

Bob wanted to become a hero for everyone by restoring electricity to the Hawkins lab. However, we could not have a happy ending and the character was caught and killed by Demo-dogs. We still suffered, Bob.

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