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Take this milestone to avoid fat


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Articles Christmas It's not time to go for a diet, but rather give yourself a lot of preference and enjoy family and friends around the table. But it does not matter at all to know a game to keep up and drag these additional weight up to the summer.

Yes, researchers University of Birmingham and University of Loughborough they "Weight tracking work in winterO Winter Ophthalmological Research, to observe weight loss processes Christmas parties. The National Research Institute in the United Kingdom (NIHR) has supported the fact that on a regular basis, household weight gains have been shown to be significant in preventing fatigue during these strikes.

Keeping weight control on a home scale can help you get Christmas without oil

272 volunteers were randomly assigned to two groups: intervention and comparison group. Members of the intervention team were asked to weigh at least twice a week at home (everyday ideals) and to control them weight. They also have a list of 10 key tips and amounts physical activity what will burn calories popular foods and drinks Christmas.

On the contrary, the comparison group did not give any marks and only one style healthy lifedid not drink dietary advice. Now published research BMJ, Was carried out in 2016 and 2017, but participants were traced until February 2018.

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A person can consume 6000 calories on Christmas Day, three times the recommended amount

The results showed that in comparison with the average, group participants gained a lot of weight Christmasinstead of the intervention group. Those in the intervention group were finished with a moderate weight of less than half a kilo compared to those in the comparative group. In short, members of the intervention team have been able to control the weight of those who are more focused on diet.

The first author investigationFrances Mason, of the University of Birmingham's Applied Health Research Institute, says: "The holiday season is a long-term opportunity for excessive consumption and seating behavior." And only days Christmascan be a human being Consume 6 thousand calories, three times the recommended daily amount.

According to one of the researchers, the teacher Amanda Daley, A small amount of 1 kilograms of weight each year from the Faculty of Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University Christmas. "Our research suggests that this smaller increase in weight gains in the Milk era can lead to short intervention. obesity epidemic""

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