Wednesday , February 8 2023

The actual number of dismissed employees will be 450 orders


"We know these measures can be painful, but we have the responsibility to keep the company ahead of us," the company said.

IThere is still an exact number of Magellan employees who are not affiliated with the National Petroleum Company (Enap) after the state-owned company's management has approved a dismissal plan submitted by the Management Board this week. issuing a signature.

According to La Prensa Austral, the company's ranking is 3324 people since September 2017: local partners Enap Santiago (286), Ersa Aconcagua (837), Enap Magallanes (1,248), Ersa Biobio (791); Ersa Dao (99) and Sipetrol (63), this number reaches 425 in the international arena, which is Argentina (262); Ecuador (129) and Egypt (34). In addition, there are 3,749 people in both blocks.

Taking into account this ratio and the ratio, it is estimated that the number of dismissals will be about 400 people. Nevertheless, yesterday, in fact, the figure said that 450 executives would be dismissed.

It was also known that the employee's career would be revealed between the criteria set by the administration for the process; whether there is a management position that does not have enough staff under his leadership; duplication of functions and duplication of medical records, among other elements.

Enap claims:
& # 39; Bad Results & # 39;

In connection with the issue, the company has issued a statement, even though it does not clarify the number of dismissed employees, and therefore can not know what the division is. As described by the company's employees and the public, Enap worsened the results of the raw material prices, as well as the sharp decline in international processing margins. production has a higher level of debt than the creation of the company's resources, "the company said.

Similarly, in the document, the transmission of the information cited on the state's current day provides the Company's employees, the company's employees, with the most current and detailed information, to be aware of the difficult reality available. "We are working on all fronts to overcome this sensitive economic situation, and as part of these efforts, we are preparing a plan to rapidly reduce the cash deficit, reduce costs, and explore investments, without endangering the operational sustainability and security of the facilities. we want to make every effort to improve the productivity of the company. "

expenses and donations

In addition to the above, Enap says that the forecast for the coming year will continue to limit the costs in various areas of the company's operations. As such, optimization is a major need and, as part of its initiatives, the company's regulatory plan analyzes: "In addition to other measures, the company's efforts to improve productivity, speed up the decision-making process, improving our company 's viability, based on the creation of a new business model that has made a great contribution to the development and achievement of better results. "

It has come to the conclusion that the details of the planning have been studied to achieve better results for signing. "We are conducting a full analysis, so we do not expect the events to take place since December, but we believe that the future of the company will be more productive, contributing to the country and fulfilling our commitments to the region and all the Shillies. we have the responsibility to fulfill what we have to do. "

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