Tuesday , January 31 2023

The answer to the jokes about the weight of Julian Elfenbein


Last Friday, the Pasapalabra animator Julián Elfenbein, animator Francisca García-Huidobro and Julián Elfenbein met at Primer Plano.

In a reliable climatic environment, because they are great friends, "Robusto finds you" about the weight of someone who will soon go to channel 13,

"Good night, Franz," said animator Garcia-Huidobro, "that's a funny humor we've had throughout our career."

Laughing, Elfenbein said he was "practically a normal graph". I'm telling you that in terms of sport, I'm going to come back to health, and I appreciate the comment. "

"But the pants broke in front of Chile on the phone!" Julio César Rodriguez's former partner told him about his characteristic tone.

Elfenbein: "I'm stronger than I'm strong …" "They call me Miss Reef," he said.

"I called my cardiac cardiac" cardiac gymnastics ", so it's basically a bicycle: a ride, a little bike, a private coach, a sporting kite, trying four times a week," said the animator, trying four times a week.

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