Wednesday , February 1 2023

The corpse found in Coihueco River is pregnant after disappearance in July


The Investigative Police (PDI) and the Prosecutor's Office have made an investigation Found in Coihueco River compatible Idamia Baro Villegas, a 39-year-old woman missing since July, as she is eight months pregnant.

On the surface, a body was found in an improved state of water Pataguas, in an area previously traced, in the region in February.

As explained by Coihueco Commissioner, Branko Güçik, "Communal carabiner of Coihueco" the man who went to the river where he found a dead body of a man""

"For this reason, a police officer arrived at the scene, the situation was detected, and then the relevant prosecutor's office was set up on the spot and the prosecutor accompanied by the staff of the Criminal and Fire Brigade, was taken out of the body of Coihueco," he said.

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Idamia Baro disappeared in July when Villegas was eight months pregnant.

At the same time the prosecutor in charge Ingrid Urrutia, has not confirmed it or not

outside the air "lost in July because the woman lost her accusation."

When the body is under water, the foundation of the body is gone

underwater in winter, not in the best conditions Therefore

painted I could not confirm that we were with Idami""

The body was removed from a nearby place at 21:00 and transferred to Concepcion Legal medical service DNA tests will take you 15 to 20 days to confirm your identity.

The family of Idamiya Baros came and the rescue was continued.

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