Tuesday , January 31 2023

The ENAP will release 500 workers after announcing an amendment plan


The National Petroleum Company (ENAP) has announced an amendment plan to dismiss more than 500 workers since 2019.

According to La Tercera, the measure has lost about $ 152 million to a company registered in September this year.

Accordingly, ENAP has decided to reduce 13% of the company's already approved company.

State-run companies have said workers have "exacerbated the consequences of crude oil prices, which resulted in a sharp decline in international processing margins, leading to increased oil production." The level of debt has increased, which is higher than the creation of resources.

ENAP says, "We know that these measures are painful, but we believe that the future of the company will be more productive, contributing to the country and fulfilling our obligations to the region, all the Chileans," according to La Tercera slogan.

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