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The man threatened with firearms, closed and made Rico Bueno's former mayor for about 12 hours


The man who held the former head of Rio Bueno Bernardo Pinninghoff was arrested for about 12 hours. The suspect wanted the farmer to return to one turn 4 million pesos check.

For Murder for robbery and dangerous threats and illegal firearmsthe man who came to the farmer's house, captured the owner's daughter and his wife, plundered the money and poured money into the family's van, and then threatened Pinnerhoff Osborne.

Rico Bueno's prosecutor Sergio Carmona, according to the suspect It was hidden for several hours around the address the number of victims until the ex-mayor's wife was left alone.

When she entered the house she demanded that she open the cash register. However, he could not determine his crime because then came Bernardo Pinninghoff and his daughter.

Then she chose to close the women and run with her to run away from the former mayor 5 thousand dollars in cash and various types.

Adam Carabineros was arrested after he was aware of the truck's presence around a bank.

When they came to the place, they found the accused the farmer has still closedadding a revolver and other elements used to commit a crime.

When he was introduced to Roy Bueno's Court of Arbitration, he was declared a judge considers its protection as a threat to the security of society and victimsThe research duration is 150 days.

According to Los Ríos, the man has a previous conviction murder, robbery, theft and rustling.

This article describes the ongoing court proceedings

At the end of the investigation, the charges are likely to be denied. The reason for this Suspect should not be considered guilty As long as the judge does not judge him.
(Article 4 of the Criminal Procedure Code)

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