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The Satanic Church that sued Netflix for his new series "The Creeping Adventures of Sabrina" BBC News


A group of representatives of a religious group against Netflix this week for about $ 50 million.

The reason; A statue representing Baphomet, a deity in the shape of a cousin that is often regarded as the incarnation of Satan.

The team The Satanic Temple assures that the "The terrible adventures of Sabrina", the new series of the flow platform, is used unlicensed a copy of a statue of their property.

The sculpture became popular three years ago when the body activists revealed it to the city of Detroit, the United States.

At that time, the leaders of the religious group assured that they did not believe in a "Suburban Satan", but in something different.

"Our statue will serve as a beacon that calls for compassion and empathy among the living creatures," said Lucien Greaves, co-founder of the Satanic Temple.

And it was Greaves himself who on October 30 published a tweet by comparing the sculpture of his sanctuary with what appears in "Sabrina".

In the case of Netflix, it is noted that the copy appears in four of the episodes of the actor-starring series Kiernan Shipka.

And the Temple of Satan assures that in addition to violating their rights, the series offers an erroneous idea of ​​what it represents.

The adventures of a witch

"The creepy adventures of Sabrina" is a series depicting a teenager, Sabrina Spelman, who is half a human, half witch.

It is based on a comic book, which was also inspired a series of television broadcasts broadcast between 1996 and 2003.

What is the temple of Satan?

Established in 2012, the group works to encourage the separation of church and state.

He has Satan as a symbol of "opposition to arbitrary power"

With 15 subsidiaries in the United States, membership has surpassed its electoral triumph Donald Trump, in 2016.

The team said they had received thousands of applications after the vote to join about 100.00 members they had already.

Inside the line there are characters they love "Dark Lord" or Satan and the practice of cannibalism and forced worship. It is where the image of the conflict appears.

And that's why the Satanic church activists claim that their members are associated with these "bad competitors", especially with non-disseminated issues.

Sabrina launch event
"The Creepy Adventures of Sabrina" were launched by Netflix last October.

The co-founder of the group told CNBC that Bafometo was created to "represent ourselves as people", while the Netflix statue "dilutes and discourages" their team.

Greaves has confirmed that he has decided to take legal action against the producers of the series (Warner Brothers and Netflix) for "appropriating our sculpture – which is protected by copyright – for promote your silly fantasy"

The primary objective of the sculpture, he remembers, was to act as a "complement and contrast" to the 10-mandate monument that was placed in Oklahoma City, based on the principle of "religious freedom" governing the United States.

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