Wednesday , February 1 2023

The Spanish press has surrendered to Vidal: "Loved the Camp Nou's love and heart"


The applause that Arturo Vidal cheated Now, on the 17th day of League history when Celta de Vigo was replaced by Arthur at the Barcelona 2-0 victory, He did not neglect the Spanish press They returned to Chile to surrender.

"At the beginning he confirmed Valverde's progress, he helped with the pressure and placement, though he made one of his most distinct matches in the game, Camp Nou accepted his positive rebellion after he made some progress while relaxing. The end of the year is a laughing ear to ear"he said Mundo Deportivo midfielder

In both Brand He also flourished King Artura: "Valverde once again surpassed Chile's aspirations for Aril's position. The screwdrives fit with placement, dedication and auction function. Come on, come on""

Another Catalan newspaper, Sports, he set the 6th degree.He won the love of Camp Nou with his love and heart. Chile tried to disturb the Celtic gamedespite the fact that there are very few pieces in the construction of the game, "he said.

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