Having been waiting so long for the moment, we finally arrived. that is, when Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) said goodbye to the series, as they announced months before the ninth season premiere. In fact, it is an interesting farewell, though bittersweet in many ways. Here we are talking about it.

We remind you not to continue reading if you have not seen the episode 9×05, called "What Comes After".

In May his followers The Dead Walking We received a news story that will paralyze us for a moment: Andrew Lincoln will be fired after the ninth season. This news followed the fact that Lauren Cohan (Maggie) would be her last tradition. With this, and with the change to those in charge of the series, he wondered if it was useful that show to continue despite the withdrawal of these important characters. Although the audience is divided in views, AMC is convinced that Robert Kirkman's comic book series still has a lot to offer and not only has announced yet another 10 years of the universe The Dead Walking, but after Rick's last episode, they announced they would make at least three films for the most famous police chief of the revelation.

In the previous episode everything was ready to fire Rick. his deadly wound was not good. We have also seen in progress that he will make some sort of review of his life, of important moments and loved ones who have marked his path and soul. Effectively in the episode we saw Shane, Hershel – actor Scott Wilson managed to shoot these scenes before his death – and Sasha. Rick's illusions tell us a lot, except to bid farewell to his long journey, they also reminded us that his biggest engine has always been his family, which made him cling to the thread of his life when he woke up in full zombie invasion for years to stay in coma What made him fight, get up and survive all this time, and the only thing that saved him from losing his head forever.

His visions reminded the police officer that his work was not of minor importance, that he touched the life of many people and that his legacy would overcome his life. The truth is that Rick's farewell is, though somewhat obvious, quite emotional. Of course, it would have been more if we had farewell him forever. Why is there no danger of letting it go immediately? Why bid farewell to the most important character of the series? We really expect a good answer to this, as the series is not to withstand the improbable turns. Undoubtedly, Rick's sacrifice would have much more value if he had really cost his life, but no, he was determined to leave the door open to that character.

Apart from Rick, who had been saved right by Jadis, we have to remember that Maggie was her last episode. She believes that her account with Negan will be broken and destroyed after months of isolation, so she refuses to kill him because it would be a reward for him.

At the end of the episode we can see that the story gets once in a year. An almost adolescent Judith – with an excellent firearms ability – is presented. In addition, we see Michonne and Carol with a new look. to Gabriel exploring what is beyond the known limits and to a brave and bold Evgenius – it seems to be doing well over time. Also, it seems that Negan is still locked though with a better look and an unusual friendship with Judith.

So, this will be more or less after Rick. Let's see what else this series has for the rest of the season. We will have 3 more episodes before the end of the year.

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