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Tobar: From the "Poker Club" to the Copa Libertadores final


The Chilean referee who will lead Superclásico's one-way street has a story he prefers to forget. 2012 was punished with an 8-month suspension from ANFP for involvement in corruption. Also, why is Boca and the Pot afraid of the same?

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Chile Roberto Tobar went from Devoto to Gloria in six years. In 2012, he was suspended for 8 months by Chilean ANFP and today he was appointed by Conmebol to lead his final Copa Libertadores de América. The story of Tobar has a chapter that he definitely prefers to forget, and that comes back to light in the past few hours.

In 2012, Tobar was part of the well-known "Poker Club" who revealed a case of corruption in Chilean football. In November of the same year, a group of referees complained that they had been downgraded by the ANFP Arbitration Commission. This gave way to a more complex and dark ship: the so-called "Poker Club" were chosen between alcohol and bets, which the judges would be directing each weekend in the Chilean football matches.

At that time, the ANFP Arbitration Commission Director, Mario Sanchez, organized these meetings and settled the arbitrations. Tobar participated in these meetings and when everything was broken, ANFP was "fried" for 8 months with other colleagues: Cristian Basso, Marcelo Barraza and Carlos Rumiano. In addition, ANFP tried to clear the image of the foundation and dismissed Sanchez.

Referee "Cardholder"

The other fact of Tobar that makes both Boca and Potamos tremble is the fact that he is the referee of the reputation "Card owner" And "Millionaire" arrives with six men with two yellows and Xeneize with four. If Tobar vowed to control the most important game of his career with a short hand, the cards will fly in the air.

Of course, in his service record in this Copa Libertadores, Tobar ruled out only one player, Argentina's Atlético de Tucumán, Cristian Lucchetti. He showed 26 yellows adding all the games that led to this release (two of them in Boca, both against Palmeiras and against a river, against Independiente Santa Fe, on a group stage). There are also 17 other yellows as a result of the three Copa Sudamericana qualifiers.

Who is in the chapel? On the river side it is Maidana, Pinola, Enzo Pérez, Pity Martínez, Pratto and Borré. On the Boca side, it is Pavón, Pablo Pérez, Nahita Nadez and Olaza.

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