Tuesday , January 31 2023

U headed the gallery on social networks and Colo Coloda


ANFP published the Chilean Soccer Soccer Annual Book, the decoding of the following figures.

Articles National Football Federation (ANFP) Published for the first time Chilean Football Finance Yearbook, correspondingly 2017.

The 60-page document breaks the numbers left last year and half of the national football. Purpose of the Goal is to provide Chilean football industry's value, the evolution of the financial issue of 2017, and relevant information in other aspects of its activities, ""

Similarly, 32 clubs of the first and first group B have been shown to participate in stadiums and followers on social networks.

At this point Chilean University The first team is led by 495,068 spectators. Colo Colo (387.722) and Santiago Wanderers (114.826) approached the podium.

After 2018 Scotiabank National Championships have been replaced by these numbers. The number of people has dropped to 451,533 in the first place.

In the technological world, the team took it Colo Colo with 3,693,771 followers Distributed between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

U (2,048,826), Catholic University (511,959), Santiago Wanderers (224,954) and Higgins (160,463) list the five most popular teams on social networks.

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