Tuesday , October 4 2022

[VIDEO] Unbelievable! Emilio Sutherland bubbles with his TV show in Japan


"In her own trap" has become a success at all times and this time is not the exception that is even recognized on Japanese television.

The Japanese TBS program has been showing the extracts of Emilio Sutherland's episodes with his program in Chile, "En su propio Trampa", which is being broadcast by the Canal Trece. The Japanese craze for the program has surprised Sutherland.

In fact Asian mania was such that part of the group "Eizo Hunter" traveled to Chile to interview him. "The Japanese were hit by things happening in Chile, so they must be very exotic and unusual", said "Uncle Emilio" to La Cuarta.

The reporter said he traveled to Japan and realized it was a country "Honest, to a large majority, and all that they see here in relation to lies and crime is a reality very much alien to its temperament" pointed out.

"They are so honest that when I was a fellowship with 9 Latin American journalists, we put some Japanese people in the test, we gave them extra money." If a product was worth $ 100, we paid $ 120 and we left quickly. the money ", revealed communication.

Finalization has shown that the program is broadcast at prime time and that whenever nearly 12 million viewers make it.

Check here part of the "In Your Trap" program in Japan:

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