Wednesday , February 1 2023

What is behind the Youtube dispute between Google and Microsoft?



In recent days, a former software engineer with Microsoft Edge development team, Joshua Baqita, said in a statement to Hacker News that Google has sabotaged Microsoft Edge as a victim of Mozilla Firefox.

According to, these apps were important, according to Bakita, to end EdgeHTML and take Chromium's announcement. According to Google's previous engineer, it's a matter of making profound changes to services like YouTube, as they "include a blank hidden video on the videos." In this case, YouTube Edge could not use hardware acceleration. "At the moment," they broke things "on YouTube, they began to boast about the precision of Chrome on Edge," says Bakita.

While continuing to develop, Edge engineers investigated the case and asked Google to remove the div, but the Mountain View Company denied this request. Google did not slow down when respondents had to remind them that they were not born of a Microsft but an old employee.

According to Google's spokesman The Verge, "YouTube does not add code to optimize other browsers and works faster to correct errors when they are discovered." Connecting with other browsers through standard organizations, Web Platform Tests is a test to develop a Projector, Chromium project, and more. "

Part of the faults might be due to the fact that Edge, Firefox or Safari is slow to apply, but it's true that more and more Chrome goes away from standards that are compatible with the Google browser.

With Windows Phone, Microsoft wanted to have a good operating system that would compete with Google for good betting. Focus did all the brands wanting to get into the car, so it was a big target, trying to get them out of the market with their share of the market.

However, Windows Phone needs quality and needs to be implemented as many times as it needs. In this question, given the hegemony of Google services, especially YouTube and Maps, these were the key ones. And with the ability to give his opponent a wing, Google has never developed an official program for Windows Phone, despite the areas of interest.

However, this does not happen, and after Mountain View has claimed that Microsoft was helping to create an official YouTube app on Windows Phone based on Microsoft's good reviews in 2013, Mountain View claimed that Terms of Service violated. Redmond has not yet been written in HTML5, so this requirement seems somewhat free, as YouTube did not work on iOS and Android. According to Microsoft, due to the fact that he did not show "proper ads", he broke off the bad administration of another critical advertising.

The use of the YouTube trademark is the final source of the dispute, although the application has been developed by Microsoft, not by Google to prevent confusion. But there was no problem, nor roots. Earlier, with the launch of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has already prepared another customer for YouTube. This was not the first time Google ever officially used its name. service

In which case there was no agreement and users did not have a good practice like iOS and Android. Interestingly, third-party YouTube applications continue to be vigorous against Google's resistance.

In the same year, when Microsoft had to withdraw its application, Google faced other disputes with its applications. Specifically, while trying to access Google Maps from Internet Explorer, the browser is targeted to the search engine web site and it is impossible to access the address using its maps. Google argued that Google Chrome is a performance engine that Internet Explorer does not achieve when it comes to WebKit, but claims that Windows Phone 8 has been using the web as it used to be.

Microsoft argued that this is an excuse because Internet Explorer is a mobile engine and desktop version (yes fit). Later, although the Microsoft engine did not alter, Maps again resembled the browser. Of course, there was no official customer and, as the third party agreed, it was unsatisfactory to offer a satisfactory experience, regardless of Nokia Maps. (

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