Tuesday , May 30 2023

WWE: Becky Lynch "Blocked" Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax on Twitter


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An injury was gone Becky Lynch from the Survivor series, but despite the fact that it does not work, it continues to release powerful "blows" to its opponents.

Nia Jax won a huge right to Becky during SmackDown's invasion of the red mark, it caused a fracture in the face that left it outside of the Survivor series. After that, no criticism was expected against Nia, which undoubtedly mocks the fact.

"Hey … we do not deliver correspondence, things happen. Will someone ask me how my fist feels?"

Following this message, Becky did not remain silent and responded to the powerful fighter, despite the injuries he had made along with the other members of the blue spot.

"You gave me your best punch, but I got up to destroy all your rosters. They will not let me fight but I'll get up again. how bad my memory is now, I did not forget you, bitch"

Who would be his opponent in the Survivor series, Ronda Rousey, also spoke about Becky

"I am very sorry to hear that the Millennial man does not appear on Staples Center on November 18th. Unfortunately, now everyone knows that if your fist fails your face. I suggest you continue to practice your bad girls in the mirror, it would be a very effective natural remedy ….

"… I love 100% recovered, getting ready and looking in my eyes when the bell rings. Tell me when you finished treating your students and you are ready for me so I can serve your ass on a silver disk with your avocado toast. "

This blew Becky, who threw a painful arrow on Ronda, reminding her of the last UFC loss and the time she had to reappear in front of the cameras to compete but now in the WWE.

"Ronnie. When I broke my face, I got upI appeared the next day looking to fight a little more. When you broke your face, you hid for a year . Your mind is as weak as your jaw, and I will move the sky and the earth to destroy both of you. "

It is unclear how long Becky Lynch will be out of action, but apparently already has rivals at the door, although they are on the opposite side.

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