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咏 神韵 九 首 – He Shenyun 2019 New Year's Performance Seven Laws | Epoch Times


Author: Thousand Swiss

On December 12, 2018, Shen Yoon New York Art Group performed its first performance at Berkeley Zellerbach Hall 2019 in Berkeley University. (Zhou Rong / Epoch Times)

Looks terribly on the magnificent scene and the kings come with their Lord.
The land and the stars from the sky were opened to the law.
Huang Di Renxian Jiuding, Tang Zongwen hang three talents wuyao.
Five thousand outstanding reasons to play, one's eternal life and strengthening the mind.

When looking at the story of Shengzhou, there are many stories of people and people.
Zhu Xian is often a thousand poems, Wu Mu Jing faithful blood drunk drunk.
Lee ax to find the Virgin Mary, the good bear to send the bear.
Who knows the right thing between them, Lingruihua Buddha asked.

Few degrees of autumn back hundreds of turns, red powder mites turned into a pain.
Where is joy and sorrow, known for its long history?
Calling all people to admire, it is difficult to find three unknown methods.
After the Golden Wheel returned to Tianmen, Cangyu had to do everything.

Bright and comfortable, large-danced dance and hand-held piano for 9 days.
Yuyu Qionglou is a thousand years, mountains and green waters full of flowers.
Jinguang Ziqi becomes like poetry and painting and Gao Zhiyao earns the orchestra.
There are many freedoms on the dust and there is a god in the universe.

When it's rainy and quiet in the summer, everything is cool and beautiful.
The tree is beautifully decorated with a beautiful makeup and the flowers are smiling and bright.
Huanghuang's glorious world is good, wind and wind are clear.
Middle Plain, good to the North and South regions, really go back to the public.

To save the world, Falun Gong stars, do not bathe fire cream.
Distress often drives on the future, and compassion is more for Kyushu.
Dan was heartbreaking and blood shocked.
Purdue melodiously, and cared for the care of the sky.

The mud extends from the clouds and beautiful dances are a clear song to convey the gospel.
The sky is always open to the scene and everything is sprinkled on the rain.
Thousands of immortal offerings are beautiful and Buddha is always full of hearts.
Wan Lichao's great dreams, ancient times of Hong Enhao.

Beautiful and beautiful on the sea.
The traces of three springs are far and wide, and the word mouth is long lasting.
She continues to name things, and young and old Xin Xin is busy.
Some kind of Qiong Lin is slow, and he is diligent and kind.

Open up the sky and build a golden bridge, and straight up to the sky and nine miles.
Everyone in the world is hoping to see Xianxiang Wanli Road Zhaozhao.
Chinese New Year stars follow and the prospect comes from the flute.
When returning to good times, Jilan is full of eyes.

Note: Lingruihua, the beautiful Brahma blossom, Buddhist writings, this flower opened for three thousand years when the human world was open, indicating that Falun Dawa is in human justice. "Li Bai is drunk", "Lovely loyalty to the country", "Shushan's mother ends up", and "Shen Yun" classic repertoire. @ *

Author Editor: Lin Fangyu

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