Monday , February 6 2023

Apple incorporates AR technology into map navigation: panoramic route easy and clear – Apple Apple – cnBeta.COM


For many "congenital path errors" in life,Even with navigation, you know the direction many times, see the navigation instructions to reach your destination.from

. However, a recent patent by Apple may be the rescue of the "Road," and the new patent adds Apple's navigation to Apple's Maps and makes it easier for users to understand the navigation instructions.


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Once combined with the AR technology navigation function, the user can use the mobile phone camera to view the panoramic route and the last position, and then define the direction.As you normally look at the map route as a normal navigation, the real reference object is used to determine the query in the navigator.


At the same time, navigating with the AR function may be time consuming, slowing down and turning on the surrounding 3D model.When combined with satellite imagery, users can more accurately determine if they are in the same position in the navigation.

Apple is not the only supplier to explore AR maps. In May, Google showed Google Maps map at the I / O Developers Conference. Users simply look up the phone camera on the street and Google Maps can automatically show the route direction.


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