Monday , February 6 2023

"Chrome Canvas" allows graffiti to your browser


Apps that allow you to paint on tablets, mobile phones, or other touch-enabled devices are versatile and many save on the network, but one thing to remember or a concept For those designed, Google Chrome's Canvas tool can meet your needs .

Chrome Linen is very simple, just open the page (as long as it does not necessarily support WebAssembly) through the browser, you can start taking pictures directly. Interfaces, pens, pens, greasy pens and carbon lanes, and four handwritten handwritings, but content that differs from many other similar tools is actually not a bitmap but a vector. Almost two overlapping lines are mixed together, and friction can only be eroded, not one another.

Even though it is shot with a mouse or touchpad, this tool is more convenient for pulling flat panel fingers and even styluses. Once you've completed your masterpiece, you can save it as a png file, but it's almost an existing function. I do not know if Google's functionality will increase if it's used more.

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