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2018-11-07 08:42:08 Source: Beijing News

(Original title: 300 times inferior quality oil above the standard, how to make a big swing "on the road")

Comment: How do you exceed 300 times the quality of the lower oil?▲ Kenli's petrochemical parking lot, a tanker parked next to the public toilet, and an oil-change advertising sprayed on the wall of the public toilets. Beijing News reporter Dalu photo

According to the Beijing News report, the reporter recently found in Shandong that many chemical companies in Dongying, Zibo and Binzhou have sold unintentional blending of steam and diesel and the sulfur content of some petroleum products has reached 3252.4mg / L. What is this concept? Compared to the "National Six" steam and diesel standards, the sulfur content exceeds 300 times. Some manufacturers specialize in oil change operations for oil tankers responsible for oil extraction. They were urging the driver to replace oil tankers that meet national standards with their "harmonized oil" at a price of "1,500 yuan per tonne of subsidy". In this way, the lower "harmonic oil" enters the regular gas station.

Among the important reasons for the formation of the cloud, it is recognized that car exhaust emissions. Therefore, the treatment of car exhaust gases is also an important issue and the upgrading of oil quality has undoubtedly been an important means of cloud management. For the upgrading of oil quality, in recent years, the Chinese government has strongly promoted and the companies concerned have also invested heavily in the conversion of refineries. However, "harmonious oil" and the existence of the underground metal industry have made these efforts less.

Damage of "harmonic oil" to atmospheric pollution should not be underestimated. Experts said: "The inferior quality oil I have rarely experienced has been dealt with by such poor quality, which is the fuel used by boiler boats, which burns black smoke and pollutes the atmosphere much more than normal. atmospheric pollution in some places may be related to these "harmonic oils".

The underground commercial explosion of "reconciliation oil" is driven by speculation. According to the calculation of 8,000 yuan / tonne gasoline, if a car oil is exchanged for 5 tons, the oil change firm will deduct the cost of 10,000 yuan of methanol, and then reduce the subsidy of 7500 yuan to the driver, the difference can to reach 22,000 yuan. It's easy to make hundreds of thousands of manufacturers of "harmonious oils".

The journalist's research found that "reconciliation" oil producers only arrived in tens in Yihe City and Shengyu City in Dongying Kenli Province. On both sides of the road, just two kilometers away, there is a large number of chemical companies that make "harmonious oil". We can say that "reconciliation oil" is almost an open secret in the region. Underground oil trade is conducted on a large scale under the supervision of the regulators. The existence of some supervision or not is undoubtedly the direction to be explored by the competent regulatory authorities.

"Oil of reconciliation" deceived the gas station, which also exposed gaps in the inspection process. The manufacturer revealed: "Which gas station controls what is not tested? All of them have numbers, the gas station can not find it, car owners do not find it, and the money is stable." Obviously, some gas stations are not strictly in line with the quality of petroleum products and regulators are refurbishing. The day-to-day control of the station's oil quality is loose and the lack of law enforcement by the Environmental Protection Agency for emissions of road vehicles makes reconciliation oil a "prosperous business".

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