Friday , August 12 2022

Cui Yongyuan was referred to by the real name to avoid tax evasion.


Cui Yongyuan also received many "donations" in the process of breaking news (Source: VCG)

Cui Yongyuan, China's former CCTV name, was also reported to have "stole the tax evasion" after actor Fan Bingbing's victory. On November 4, Beijing time, fans up to 500,000 Chinese Internet V "Sima 3 bogey" reported on the real name of social media Cui Yongyuan suspected of tax evasion.

The former network with Cui Yongyuan said the real name was openly reported to the State Tax Administration and Beijing Tax, Beijing residents, Chong Yongyuan, a member of the China University of Communications and Weibo accounts "Cui Yongyuan" and "Xiao Cui Reading Exchange ".

"Sima 3 bogey" said that in October 2018, Cui Yongyuan's income on the Weibo social platform was about 500,000 yuan (1 yuan is about 0.1452 US dollars) and the income tax payable was about 208,000 yuan.

In addition, Cui Yongyuan had only one "Old Fee Letter" in June 2018, ie the manuscript income was about 1 million yuan and the due tax was about 432,500 yuan.

The big V, who often "cheats" Cui Yongyuan, also stressed that the tax authorities should immediately investigate and recover taxes and give bonuses to the complainants in accordance with the regulations.

Due to the exposure of Cui Yongyuan for several months, Chinese actor Fan Bingbing was investigated by the tax authorities. The amount of tax evasion amounted to 255 million yuan and 880 million yuan was needed to save the prison.

In addition, Chinese director Feng Xiaogang, who participated in Cui Yongyuan's news story, was also accused of secretly sharing taxes and fees, so he was able to appear publicly.

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