Tuesday , January 31 2023

Czech government: fixing false allegations on Huawei Legal investments abroad – Huawei Huawei


Dusan Navratil, director of the National Network and Information Security Office (NISIB), a Czech network regulator, stated in a statement on December 17 that China's intelligence department is working together with Chinese companies, and the use of their products in key national systems could endanger.

China Huawei and ZTE software and equipments are clearly mentioned in the statement. To this end, Prime Minister Andrei Babis urged the National Security Council to inform the Director of the National Network and Information Security Department, Dushan Navarrit, of warnings and additional information.

The Czech National Security Council issued a statement on Dec. 21, correcting the NCTIB statement. The full text of the statement is as follows:

1. NPT is a government-independent organization whose results are not based on technical assessments.

2. The prime minister's prohibition on Huawei's mobile phone is still too early.

3. NCTIB notifies only critical information infrastructure or systems that are part of the essential information systems and, in any case, does not cover ordinary users and terminal equipment.

4. It is always important to ensure the security of network security for national security.

5. NCTR does not have the right to evaluate the international political situation or the legal and political environment of other countries.

6. In the absence of serious grounds for national security, the procurement procedures for information systems in critical information infrastructure or key information systems do not create a disadvantage.

7. The Czech Republic is open to all legal foreign investment and will continue to provide favorable environment for it.

According to the Czech government Huawei Europe President Li Jian: "We appreciate the pragmatic attitude of the Czech government". The head of Huawei Europe, Li Jian, said: "The Czech Security Council today debated a statement issued by the Czech National Network and Information Security Office (NCTIB) and understood that the government's independent warning was not a technical assessment." Huawei is very happy. The Czech Republic wants all legitimate foreign investment to remain open and should not be favorable for any bidder for a critical infrastructure of the country without sufficient justification for any tender for information and communications technology. Huawei believes that any discrimination based on the company's origin should be corrected in the Czech Republic. "

According to today's statement of the Czech government, we believe that the Czech Republic will not have any influence on any business cooperation with its existing and potential customers and partners: our global glory, business and investments should never be groundless. Huawei has worked with clients in more than 170 countries worldwide over the past 30 years and has maintained a good security record. In today's digital environment, network security is more important than ever, and we understand the government. Huawei, the world's leading ICT company, has built an adjustable, durable and reliable network security system and we are ready to cooperate with the Czech government and industry to meet the network security problem. First priority. "Hua Wei, president of Huawei Europe, has come to an end.

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