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European Union – Small ring Azar double Belgium 2-3 reversed in Switzerland _ limited area


Original title: European Union – Small double ring Azar Belgium 2-3 reversed in Switzerland

At 3:45 am on November 19, Beijing time, the European Union A-level B team had a focus battle, and Belgium played against Switzerland on the road. In the first half, Mikar Azar scored twice, then Seflovic scored two goals and P scored the penalty kick.

The two teams have played 27 times in history, Belgium 13 wins, 6 draws and 8 losses, scored 51 goals and lost 38 goals. The last time the two sides played against each other was in the first leg of the European Union when Belgium beat Switzerland with 2-1 at home to win.

In the second minute, Azar started an attack, while the left player outside the penalty area sent Mertens to the top of the arc outside the penalty area. The fate broke and scored a score against Sommer in front of the door, Belgium 1-0 Switzerland. In the 8th minute, Mbabu crossed and found the spot after the penalty area. Zuber put a little slow and failed to be a threat. In the 11th minute, Munier went to the right side of the penalty area, and Mertens followed the shot and the ball kicked.

In the 16th minute, Belgium reversed and Azar took the ball to the right side of the penalty area and scored one shot and the ball threw the left-hand corner of the goal, Belgium 2-0 Switzerland. In the 26th minute, Fernandez made a low pass on the right side of the ball, Mbabu dug and dropped to a knife in the penalty area. Kurtova attacked and destroyed Mbab, the referee took a shot, R Luo took the penalty kick and went right. Lower corner scores, Switzerland 1-2 Belgium. At the 32nd minute, R Luo left his left foot outside the penalty area and found limited space. After Shaqiri, the headline of Shaqiri was transferred and found Severovich, Seflovic, who was on the left side of the front door. A shot shovel on the left side of Qimen, Switzerland 2-2 Belgium equalize the score.

In the 35th minute, Munier crossed the ball to the right and the ball in front of Azar was shot. The ball lost. In the 36th minute, Seflovic was close to the restricted area and took a few shots, shot directly from the right foot and the ball was taller than the bar. In the 40th minute, the Tillermans' distant shot outside the penalty area was relatively positive and was confiscated by the Swiss goalkeeper. In the 43rd minute, Azar broke the right side of the front court and broke on the right side of the penalty area and won the ball and threw the bottom line to the Swiss defender. At the 45th minute, the left leg of Froule's front court sent a diagonal pass to the right, Fernandez's inverted triangle, Fernandez after the bottom, found Seflovic, Seflovic kick The right football score, Switzerland 3-2 Belgium.

Both sides played:

Belgian start: 1 – Kurtova, 2 – Alder Verrell, 4-kon Pani, 20 – Boyata, 15-Munier, 8-Tilemans, 6 -22-Chadley, 16-Sorgen-Azar, 14-Mertens, 10-Azar

Swiss starters: 1-Sommer, 2-Mbabu, 4-Elvidi, 20-Tim-Klose, 13-Ricardo-Rodriguez, 11-Fernandez, 10-Zaka, 8-Froule, 14-Zubel, 23-Shaqili, 9-Seflovich

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