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"Hammer Brother" "Avenger League 4" – People – announced the future presentation of cnBeta.COM


"Hammer Brother" Chris Hemsworth is coming to China to promote a new movie with the official Weibo account and is the most important of "Avengers League 4" and thanked Chinese fans and all Christmas Merry Holidays. As an Australian sexy person, Raytheon is the last time she has been playing, she likes surfing, and now she has a "sea of ​​generality" as her nickname and has recently participated in "Black Man", "Dhaka" and many others. The new film, I believe, will be presented in the domestic market as well.


Many fans in Weibo are very excited. Despite the beautiful appearance of the "Sea of ​​Total", they are hungry and say, "I am good". But it is interesting that some people really consider the sea as a beauty group. And all of them are "Chris Houses" and all are beautiful and give you forgiveness (funny).

He is the official ambassador of the Australian Tourism Bureau at Hai Zong, and many Australian stars like "Mag Trouby" dubbed "The Timsox Dundee: The Return of the Legendary Son", a blockbuster named "Australian Timmy".


"Crocodile Dundee: The Return of the Legendary Son"

This year, my wife and I collaborated with the War Block Blocker "12 Powerful," and both of them still play couples, showing that they are both sweet and loving.


"Hai Zong" and his wife "12 Strong"


"12 Powerful" stills

Additionally, I am proud of the actress and the actor who collaborated with them, proud of Royal Hotel Murder, co-created by Dakota Johnson, John Hamm and Jeff Bridges.


"Royal Hotel Murder Case" Stills

However, "Hai Zong" still thinks that it is important to be with your family and Paramount has recently denied Star Trek's invitation, although it significantly increases its payment. Meanwhile, "Hai Zong" has completed only the words "Black Man" for collaborating with "Women" and playing a new agent in "H".


"Black Man" rumor

Still, for those who love surfing a lot, "wild offsets", wild adventure makes her beloved. Currently, she is in the motion of the new "Dacca" film, she did not forget the great show and hip surfing.

The director of the film was directed by Sam Hargrave and the role of "Sea Master" should solve the kidnapped Indian boy, but the appearance looks courageous and his heart is actually weak. The shooting of the film will be made in Thailand and India, and the "Sea Master" will be short-term for "external" adventures to unite the family.

After Avengers 4, the re-election group will have a major change, so Hai Zong is just this new movie and its brother Liam is a new movie. She recently featured a romantic comedy "The Wave" Romantic (not romantic) abdominal muscles. My brother continues to be in the "Western world".


Liam Hemsworth, "Waves Not Romantic" Stills

That's why "Hai Zong" is the most depressing situation among the three brothers. Although this is a good man at home, the career is very difficult and it is also very wrong to play. Before the game "Fat Lunxiu" a water ball game was shot, the sexy figure is perfect, and it shouts the greetings and the audience.

Because the Avengers League 3, 4 is a series of shots, the shooting is very difficult, very secretive, remains in the Hollywood studio all day long, when he killed his hammer brother, he was very angry before leaving his house.


"Back pain, do sports"

"I want to stay home again, my husband and I are talking about my career and family" The daughter of "Gul of India" is 5 years old and both sons Tristan and Sasha are 3 years old, but acting is not enough for me and my family to co-exist, , you are very tired. "

Retrospective, Chris Hemsworth was still a dark little player who played a major role in the "The Forest Cabin" and then turned off, and then the world's "Avengers" "Rage" At first he was a "hammer brother" with a strong breast muscle , Began to prepare the Deep Ocean for weight loss in 2015, only 500 calories per day and lost a lot of weight. The "weakening" photo scared many fans. Also includes his family. However, after that "Raytheon 3" has once again increased the muscle, but not five self-cultivation, five great three men.


The Hammer Brother's weight loss was frustrated by many fans, including portraits of family members.

At one point, he says, LA did not look like any other family and moved to Australia to spend more time with his family. "I want to take my kids to school, I'm interested in it for several years and it's time to get my credit card." And then I can enjoy my favorite surfing. "

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