Wednesday , February 1 2023

I understand quickly that the Qualcomm court has caused the iPhone to be banned in Germany – Apple iPhone – cnBeta.COM


According to foreign media, Qualcomm won a great legal victory earlier this week.from

The German court has claimed that they violated the Qualcomm patents. For this purpose, Apple stopped selling iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 in 15 state retail stores in the country. People who are not familiar with the cell phone chip industry think Apple uses the Intel solution and what is the problem of patent infringement? The following can help you understand the depth of the ins and outs.


Apple Online Store (China)

The infringing technology that was questioned was reported to have been intensified on an iPhone with an Intel modem and contained a component from the Qorvo USA. This component helps to keep the battery in the process of sending and receiving data from the device.

Certainly, all of Qualcomm's favorable decisions are because he does not agree to keep the design information of Gorov's chip secret. Certainly, Apple does not want the sensitive data of the mobile phone to fall into the hands of Qualcomm engineers. Complex protection.

Interestingly, the designer of the Corvo chip was also in Germany and was preparing to explain why his chip did not violate the Qualcomm patents, but he did not have such an opportunity as the German court decided to finally ban Apple's mobile phone sales. .

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