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Dangdang officially today (December 24) showed the fraud of the founder.from

Dangdang, the founder Li Guoqing, made a statement condemning some of his "inadequate explanations" in recent days, his words were harsh, but fraudulent: Dangdang co-founder Li Guoqing issued a statement on Liu Qiangdong's December 23, In 2018 we sent a Weibo. .

Mr. Li Guoqing is the co-founder of Dangdang and has for some time been away from the leadership and decision-making of Dangdanq. Lang Li Qoqing's words were his personal opinion.Dangdang wanted to erase the logo from his personal Weibo number. Leave it.

Dangdang lost the accusation of Lee Guoqing, who was convicted.

Minnesota prosecutor Liu Qiangdong did not commit suicide, and Li Guoq's divorced her from three to six divorces, then bothering her label and making her premarital her behavior sad and beautiful. has a book richness and affordable prices. Our first concern is to read the book to accompany national readers and measure them around the world. Do not leave your appetite for Le Guoqing's personal words, which is the happiness you are reading.


The drama came from a statement made by Li Guoqing on Liu Qiangdong's 23rd event: 1. A sexually explicit sexual relationship is not just harm to shareholders and employees; 2. Unmarried work, only sex, minor loss for spouse; Non-defective, negative impact on the social environment. Hopefully, in the future I will be able to protect myself. If we kill the decor, I can take it. My Little Experience: Hold my hand before I contact a woman: Do not love, do you accept it? Again, I fell in love and met at the pool: we were still married, did you go to bed?

The audience knows that Dangdang's deliberate marketing is a deliberate marketing, but after being abandoned by Hainan Airlines, he lost consciousness, and this was once again taken with the words of Liu & Li Guoqing. Return to the people's eyes.

In Dangdang's statement, there is such a sentence that attracts everyone's attention – "Li Guoqing for a while left Dangdang's leadership and decision-making."

As you can see, Li Guoqing was completely "dumped" by Dangdang and Li Guoqing "turned on the car in Dongdang."

According to Tianyue, Li Guoqing is still in Beijing Dangdang Kewen E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (27.51%), and Liu Guoqing's wife, Yu Yu (64.2%), Yu Yu is still a legal entity and executive director of Dangdang. But in 2010, Li Guoq made up 38.9% and Yu Hao was 4.9%.

Screenshots from Sky Eye

Li Guoqing and his wife did not completely reject them, but Li Qoqing's right to speak in Dangdang has gradually diminished, and Yuun's rule is already a fact.

In January this year, Dangdanq announced organizational structure and staff arrangement and the original new business group was divided into different groups and Li Guoqing was only responsible for the communal service department. Earlier, Li Guoqing was responsible for the most important digital reading division of Dangdang's new business group, established in early 2015. It was Dangdang's first-class division.

In the foreign world, Li Guoqing started by Dangdang. Li Guoqing and Yu Yu's debate on the power of decision-making are a chapter that can not be overlooked by the story of Dangdang.

Sina Technology writes that Li Guoqing and Yu Yu are both powerful and ambitious entrepreneurs, and there are significant differences in the size of the company, which led to the slow development of Dangdanq's strategy. The most typical example is Li Guooqing's independent listing and Yu O, intending to sell it to the company, for two years, they have not been able to create a single idea on this issue and have lost their capabilities.

As regards the control of the Li Guoqing couple, they have been abused by the external world and have two resignations from Li Guoqing.

As everyone knows, Li Guoqing resigned from his joint venture once and gave information about Li Guoqing's second term as "China Business News":

At the end of 2004, at the annual meeting of the Dongdanq presidential office, the expectations of performance in 2004 did not fully meet the expectations of Yu Yu, Li Guoqing, "How did not complete?" He said. After a minute of silence, Li Guoqing resigned from the World Yu. Yu. The next day he did not come to the company, but on the third day he returned.

At that time, Dangdang's marketing director and advertising director Dai Zheng said this is the way to solve and coordinate the problem, but the company's managers should decide on the information, market environment, categories, competitors, and other factors. . For Dangdang, the relationships between husband and wife have become one of the factors influencing decision-making. "It is difficult to say the right and wrong, but not the same as other companies," said Dai Zheng.

Behind the "kidnap" of Li Qoqing, long-term differences between husband and wife in business philosophy have been a reason to escape.

Yes, there is a small detail here: Just in the afternoon, Li Guoqing's photo was replaced by "Dangdang".

The fate of Li Guoqing and Dangdanq is exhausted. Now, what is the most disturbing of everyone after renouncing Hainan Airlines due to Dangdang?

Interestingly, Jingdong's figure was always on the list of previous speculation and Liu Goghning's participation in the Liu Qiangdong case added drama on this subject. However, the trend of Dangdang was still a mystery and Dangdang did not give a clear answer to the tiger.

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