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Many teams that describe Guoan to act more effectively than two influential players are Chilean marginal international players – Guoan, Super League, Baker, this – Football Tribe APP


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Original title: Guoan explains the activity of more than two speakers. Many groups promote Chilean marginalists.

A few days ago, Deputy Director of the State Sports General Directorate and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese Football Federation Du Zhaocai said in his report that he would encourage "the propaganda of prominent foreign players". Guoan was at the forefront of this work.

Guanan Guoan's head coach Li Ming admitted to Guoan's FA Cup after promoting popular players in various public places. The main goal of the Guoan's natural players is Hou Yongyong and Norwegian Stabeck's Ying. Yanneris Bronford Club Crown.

If these two players can join national security and national security, they can not represent Guoan's as a local helper in the Super League, but even if they are superior in the future, they can even enter the national football team.

In addition to Hou Yongyong and Yan Naris, Guoan also operates with the addition of other speaker players such as Chilean player Jaime Carreno.

Along with national security, other Super League clubs are also preparing for the introduction of players. Peru Sports University's Roberto Xiaoneila & # 39; s expected to complete the Super League team. In March, Roberto was elected to the national team of Chile, but he did not appear. If the verification is successful, Roberto Hiddink will participate in the U21 national team.Return to Sohu and see more

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